Setup screen – Sharp SND-5080 User Manual

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78_ setup screen

Email Configuration

Server Address : Enter the IP address of the email server that you use for the
email transfer.
ex) SMTP. hotmail. com

User ID : Enter the user ID for logging into the email server.

Password : Enter the user account password for logging into the email server.

Port : The default port of the email server is 25; however, you can use a different
port number according to the email server settings.

Recipient : Enter the address of the email recipient.

Sender : Enter the address of the email sender. If the sender address is incor-
rect, the email from the sender may be classified as SPAM by the email server
and thus may not be sent.

Subject : Enter a subject for your email.

Body : Provide the text for the massage. Attach the alarm images to the email
that you are preparing.

When done, click [Apply].

SD Record

You can set the record conditions or the use of recording for the SD memory, check the
size of stored data, or format the SD memory itself.

From the Setup menu, select the
<Event (

)> tab.

Click <SD Record>.