E150 fork setup – Specialized Enduro Home Gym User Manual

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3. Adjust rebound (Fig.7):

Red knob (right) controls rebound damping, the rate which the fork returns after fork has been compressed.

• Turn knob clockwise for slower rebound (slower speeds, bigger hits).
• Turn knob counter-clockwise for faster rebound (higher speeds, small bumps, more traction.

RECOMMENDED SETTING: Start from full closed [clockwise], then open 4 clicks.

Fork stroke: 0mm
Recommended sag:
-0% (7.-4mm)

2. Adjust low speed compression (Fig.7):

Blue knob (right) affects low speed damping, not spike valve. Low speed compression helps control cornering
and braking stability, as well as control fork bottom-out.

• Turn knob clockwise for a firmer, more efficient ride. Full clockwise is the maximum damping setting.

• Turn knob counter-clockwise for a softer, more supple setting.

RECOMMENDED SETTING: Maximum compression ( turn clockwise). Start soft (counter-clockwise), then
increase firmness until desired ride quality is achieved.

4. Set Attitude Adjustment travel (Fig.7):

Black knob (left) controls fork travel length, from 0mm to 0mm.

• Turn knob clockwise for shorter (0mm) travel. Pushing fork beyond 40mm will activate short travel setting.
• Turn knob counterclockwise and cycle or unweight fork for longer travel (0mm).

1. Setting air pressure and sag:

• Use a high-pressure shock pump to add air. Sag is based on a % of stroke of fork. Set sag according to chart as a starting point, then adjust
for preference, terrain and riding technique.

Always perform adjustments with fork in long travel mode! Pressure increases in short travel.

Fig.6: Install a zip-tie (not too tight) on one leg. Push zip-tie down to seal, gently sit on saddle without bouncing (apply rider weight only to

the bike) to compress fork and displace zip-tie, then measure distance between fork seal and zip-tie (sag). The rider should be in full ride gear
and sitting in a normal riding position when setting sag.
• To maximize performance, monitor travel for the first few rides, the goal is to reach 90-00% (-0mm) of travel a few times during a ride without harsh
bottoming. If full travel is not being reached on occasion during a normal ride, lower pressure until it does.

WARNING! Avoid lowering pressure too far and bottoming out too
often and too hard, this can result in rear shock or fork damage.