Specialized Enduro Home Gym User Manual

Page 15

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Your Specialized frame does not require any Bottom Bracket or Head Tube pre-installation preparation. All surfaces are already prepared
from the factory, with the exception of greasing the bottom bracket threads and head set cups. It is acceptable to chase the bottom
bracket threads if necessary. Do not face bottom bracket cups.


Ensure that the Bottom Bracket shell threads are clean and greased prior to installation.

Recommended torque is 442 in-lbf (50 N-m). Do

not exceed maximum torque of 670 in-lbf (70 N-m).


Specialized recommends that the headset cup/bearings be pressed in using a Specialized Integrated Headset Press Tool. This tool
is compatible with Park Headset Presses and ensures that the required pressure to install the cups is applied only to the outer sur-
face of the cups, to prevent damage to the bearing.

Grease cups prior to installation.

Note: Use only Specialized Mindset bearing/cups. These bearings are specially designed to fit Specialized Integrated Headset frames.

Removal of the headset bearings is the same as standard headset cups. Use a standard headset cup removal tool. Make sure the tool is
evenly engaging the cup before removal. Be sure not to place the headset removal tool against the alloy frame inserts (cup interfaces), as
they’re bonded into the frame.

WARNING! Do not extend the seat post beyond the minimum insertion line marked on the seat post, or the minimum

seat post insertion required by the frame (see page 7). Extension beyond the minimum insertion line can result in failure,

causing serious injury or death.

WARNING! Great care should be taken to not damage carbon fiber or composite materials, including the frame and

any carbon fiber or composite components. Any damage may result in a loss of structural integrity, which may result in

a catastrophic failure. This damage may or may not be visible in inspection. Before each ride, and after any crash, you

should carefully inspect your bicycle for any dents, fraying, gouging, scratches through the paint, chipping bending, or

any other signs of damage. Do not ride if your bicycle shows any of these signs. After any crash, and before you ride any

further, take your bicycle to an authorized Specialized retailer for a complete inspection.


• Front derailleur: Recommended torque is 44 in-lbf ( N-m). Do not exceed maximum torque of 60 in-lbf (7 N-m).

• Rear derailleur: Recommended torque for the rear derailleur is 70 in-lbf (8 N-m). Do not exceed maximum torque of 87 in-lbf (0 N-m).

Ensure that the threads are clean prior to installation.

• Water Bottle Cage: Recommended torque is  in-lbf (.9 N-m). Do not exceed maximum torque of 40 in-lbf (4. N-m).