Food stamp tendering, Food stamp status shift – Sharp UP-600 User Manual

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Food stamp tendering

If your customer makes payment (or tendering) in food stamps, obtain the food stamp-eligible subtotal* by
pressing the



key and make a food stamp tender entry before entering a cash or check tender.

* Note: The food stamp-eligible subtotal depends upon how your machine is programmed about the food

stamp-eligibility of the automatic tax on a sale of items eligible for food stamp payment, or whether
your machine is programmed to allow the automatic tax to be paid with food stamps or not or to
exempt taxation. The example below presupposes that your machine has been programmed to
exempt taxation.

When the amount tendered in food stamps is greater than the food stamp-eligible subtotal:
Your machine shows two change due amounts in its display. The food stamp change due appears at the
left of the display in dollars and the cash change at the right in cents.

When the food stamp tender is smaller than the food stamp-eligible subtotal:

Accept the remainder in food stamps or in cash or check.
However, if your machine is programmed to exempt taxation, it cannot accept additional food stamp

Food stamp status shift

Your machine allows you to shift the programmed food-stamp status of each department,

- 1


- 5


percent key, the UPC or the PLU key by pressing the



key prior to those keys. After each entry is

completed, the programmed food stamp status is resumed.