Knoll Systems PRM200 User Manual

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PRM150, PRM200

Advanced Power Conditioners
Installation Instructions

Warning: To be installed and/or used in accordance with appropriate electrical
codes and regulations

Introduction: Thank you for your purchase of a Knöll PRM150 or PRM200 Advanced
Power Conditioner and congratulations on your choice. This specially made
conditioner is designed specifically to reduce noise and hum pickup by sensitive
equipment when ultra-low-noise is a must as well as surge suppression to protect
your valuable electronics.


PRM150 rated for 15 amps, PRM200 rated for 20 amps (with special power

Push button or 4-24 VDC trigger power on/off

2210 Joules surge protection

Eight rear panel, heavy duty AC outlets includes two unswitched, and six
sequence delayed switched outlets with Digital Isolated Outlets

Main power cord is a 10 foot, ultra heavy duty 14 Ga. (PRT200 8 foot 12 ga.)
for easy access to a wall socket

Rear panel cable TV connectors for surge protection and noise filtering with
satellite or cable TV

One rack space

ADVANCED SURGE SUPPRESSION- Edge-of-the-art two level suppression with
an astounding 2210 Joules of lightning protection (most current competitive units
only have 360) in the AC power line! Add the cable TV, satellite dish and telephone
line protection and you have 3590 joules of total protection!

In the event the unit does not power up after a surge, a small internal board
replacement may be all it takes to keep on protecting your sound and picture quality
as well as your investments.

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