Rack installation – LG PCS100R User Manual

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Rack Installation

Installing the PCS100R in a Rack

1. Carefully slide the chassis into a standard 19-inch equipment rack.
2. Use all four mounting screws to secure the chassis to the rack (see diagram below).
3. Refer to “Surge Protected Power Strip Requirements” below. Although power is not actually

applied to the PCS100R until later during the system setup (see “Typical System Installation”

on page 12), the power strip should be readied at this time.



Surge Protected Power Strip Requirements

(see also diagram on following page)
• The PCS100R AC line should be plugged in to the surge protected power strip.
• Any modulators, upconverters, accessories, etc. connected to the ASI output of the PCS100R

also should be connected to this same surge protected power strip.

• The power strip should provide surge protection in both Normal (hot to neutral) and Common

(hot to ground and neutral to ground) Modes.

• The surge suppression should be 600 joules minimum, though 3800 joules is preferred, with

UL1499 rated let-through voltage equal to 330 volts.

The surge protected power strip should conform to the ANSI C62.41 standard or equivalent.