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Listening to the radio - more you can do

Look for radio stations automatically







on the front panel (or press TUN.- /TUN.+ on the remote

control) for more than 0.5 second. The tuner will scan automatically and
stop when it finds a radio station.

Delete all the saved stations

Press and hold PROG./MEMO. for two seconds. “ERASE ALL” shows.
Press PROG./MEMO. to erase all the saved stations.
Choose a ‘preset number’ for a radio station
Select a station you want by pressing






on the front panel or

TUN.- /TUN.+ on the remote control. Press PROG./MEMO., the station
flashes. Press PRESET (+/-)on the remote control to select the preset
number you want. Press PROG./MEMO. to save it.
Improve poor FM reception
Press PLAY B

B on the remote control This will change the tuner from

stereo to mono and usually improve the reception.

Listening to the radio

1. Select FM/ AM:

2. Select the radio station:

3. To ‘save’ a radio station:

A preset number will show in
the display.

4. To select a ‘saved’ station:

5. To confirm press:

Up to 50 radio stations can be









TUN.- / TUN.+






JPEG disc compatibility with this player is limited as follows:

• Depending upon the size and the number of JPEG files, it could take a long

time for the this unit. to read the disc’s contents. If you don’t see an on-
screen display after several minutes, some of the files may be too large —
reduce the resolution of the JPEG files to less than 2M pixels as 2760 x
2048 pixels and burn another disc.

• The total number of files and folders on the disc should be less than 999.
• Some discs may not operate due to a different recording format or the condi-

tion of disc.

• Ensure that all the selected files have the “.jpg” extensions when copying

into the CD layout.

• If the files have “.jpe” or “.jpeg” extensions, please rename them as “.jpg” file.
• File names without “.jpg” extension will not be able to be read by this unit.

Even though the files are shown as JPEG image files in Windows Explorer.

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