Disassembly – LG V-C7050HT User Manual

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• Almost all the parts of this vacuum cleaner can be

disassembled with a screw driver and each connecting
component easily fits each other.
Disassemble one by one referring to the exploded view.

• If possible, don’t disassemble except for the

necessary parts. It is not necessary to disassemble
the parts that are not detailed in the exploded view.


NOTE: Before attempting to service or adjust any part of the vacuum cleaner, disconnect the electrical

power supply cord from the wall outlet.

Motor Ass'y

Cord Reel Ass'y

1. Body Cover Assembly Replacement

1) Remove the dust tank from the set.

2) Remove the four screws fastening the body base.

2) Bring out the motor and disconnect the lead wires

from it.

3. Cord Reel Assembly Replacement

1) Remove the cord reel cover by unfastening the


2) Lift the cord reel assembly from the body base.

3) Disassemble the filter cover, widening the both of

filter cover, and then pull out the lead wires from
the push switch.

2. Motor Assembly Replacement

1) Unhook the motor housing cover in the direction

of the arrow.

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