Manage colour usage and printing costs, Clear up paper jams quickly and effortlessly, Quick and simple installations – Laser Power Systems MFP CM6040 User Manual

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Manage colour usage and printing costs

With colour access control features, businesses
can manage colour toner usage, control costs,
and make informed decisions that improve
operational efficiency.

• Assign colour access to specific users or

workgroups — using the HP Universal Print Driver
or HP Web Jetadmin’s fleet configuration

• Assign colour access by application — allow

designation of certain applications to be printed
in colour and others in black-and-white

• Track colour use by job, by user, and by device

— generate real-time and periodic usage reports.
Plus, it allows you to easily allocate costs to
individual departments


• Auto colour sensing — complement colour access

control features by performing an automatic
analysis of each scanned page. While the laser
MFP’s default mode is colour copy, if it determines
that a page is black-and-white, it will copy in
black-and-white thereby reducing colour usage

Clear up paper jams quickly
and effortlessly

HP’s Automatic Navigation technology offers
step-by-step guidance on the control panel to swiftly
locate and rectify paper jams, saving valuable time,
and providing an enhanced user experience.

Quick and simple installations

With Send-to-Network folder and Send-to-Email
installation wizards, it is easy to get started on
streamlining business communications.

Save time with simplified replacement
parts management

HP signature Blue tabs ensure replacement parts are
easily identifiable. For added convenience, fusers,
transfer kits and transfer rolls are easily replaceable
as are toner cartridges and image drums.

With colour

printing authority

Without colour

printing authority

Intelligent frequency


Colour printing



Automatically switches to

black-and-white when colour

printing resources are used up


Outstanding Achievement for the Color Control Capabilities

of its Printers and MFPs, Fall 2007

Awarded by Buyers Laboratory (BLI) for the extensive colour control

features included with HP’s laser printers and multifunction products.

More convenient
and easy to manage
replacement parts


Billing solutions are an optional feature available at an additional cost through HP’s solution partners.

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