Designed for improved workflows and productivity – Laser Power Systems MFP CM6040 User Manual

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Send to FTP

LAN fax

Send to


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HP Digital
Sending Software


Streamline office workflow with
digital sending features

Only prints after
keying access code

Confidential document

Designed for improved workflows and productivity

The HP Color LaserJet CM6040 MFP series supports enterprises with workflow and security
solutions by digitising, securing and streamlining their paper-intensive processes to facilitate
smoother document workflow, greater efficiency, and accelerate business results.

Work confidently with advanced
security capabilities

HP Digital Sending Software (DSS)


— Authenticate users

at device level and send documents to email, network folders,
FTP, LAN-fax, printer or document OCR. Quick and secure way
to electronically capture, retrieve and share content.

Secure overwrite of data — Built-in security capabilities safely
erase job files and histories from the hard disk.

Private printing — Four standard and one optional job retention
features enable private printing:

• Proof and hold — Quick and easy way to print one copy and proof it before

printing the remaining copies

• Personal Job — Protect confidential documents. Job will not be printed until

released with a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)

• Quick Copy — Print requested number of copies of a job and store a copy

on the laser MFP’s hard disk for future printing

• Stored Job — Allow download of a print job to the laser MFP’s hard disk to be

printed when required

• Pull Printing — Save documents electronically in the device, or on a server,

until authorised user is ready to retrieve and print

Enhance organisational productivity and performance

HP Digital Sending Software


— Streamline document workflow by

incorporating paper documents into business processes to improve
efficiency and productivity. Digital information can be sent quickly and
securely to email, network folders and other laser MFPs, reducing the costs
of physically sharing and storing information.

MegaTrack In Printer Agent (MIPA)


— Track and record printing, copying,

faxing and scan-to email activities on the device. With real-time insights
on how devices are being used, organisations can manage devices and
costs effectively.



— Receive real-time information on device usage, allowing

administrators to track, manage and control the organisation’s output
environment and related costs more effectively. Reports can help
organisations optimise their output environment through informed

Streamline device and network management

HP Web Jetadmin — Provide a web-based platform that centralises device
management, asset management, driver and queue management, security
and cost controls, and help desk support. It also enables IT support to
remotely configure and troubleshoot devices across the network.

HP Universal Print Driver — Deploy enterprise-wide features and control
such as duplex printing and print quality settings with the use of a unified
and intelligent full-featured driver. Eliminate the need to install, manage and
support multiple print drivers, and enhance IT staff productivity.


Optional software sold separately.

Enhance security with user
authenticated printing

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