Using the help button – Logitech Harmony One User Manual

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Because obstacles or distance can interfere with the signals the Harmony One sends
when it starts an Activity (for example, someone walks between your Harmony One and
the TV when you press Watch TV, or you’re very far away from the system when you start
an Activity), your Harmony One can become “out of sync” with your devices.

Using the Help button

Before using the Help button, be sure you’ve addressed the cause of
the problem, such as removing any obstacles from the line of sight.

To fix the problem, use the help feature on your Harmony One.

On the remote, press the Help button.

Answer the questions on the Harmony One’s screen by selecting Yes or No.

Based on your answers, the Harmony One re-sends the necessary commands to
synchronize with your devices.

When you’re done with this process, the Harmony One will be “in sync” with your