Setting up your harmony one for the first time, Overview of the setup process – Logitech Harmony One User Manual

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Guided online setup

When you insert the Harmony remote CD, the guided online setup launches. Follow the
easy setup instructions to install the Harmony Remote Software. For more information on
installing the Harmony Remote Software, refer to the Installation Guide.

After the software installs, start the Harmony Remote Software. When you start the
Harmony Remote Software, it checks for updates automatically and downloads them if

After you install the Harmony Remote Software and gather your device information using
the Device Worksheet, the setup process guides you through five steps in which you
answer a series of questions about how your entertainment system is set up.

Create Account: the setup walks you through creating a user account on the Harmony

Remote Software.

Check connection: the software ensures your computer and Harmony One are

communicating with each other.

Set up Devices: the software walks you through entering the manufacturer and model

numbers of your entertainment system that you collected using the Device Worksheet.

Set up Activities: the software asks you questions about how your entertainment system is

set up, and then saves the settings.

Update Remote: the software transfers the information from your PC to the remote.






Setting up your Harmony One for the first time

Overview of the setup process

Gathering your device information

To simplify the setup process, we recommend you fill out the



, so that all the device information is at hand when you need


Locating manufacturer and model number on your devices

Manufacturer names and model numbers are typically found at the front
of a device, on a label on the back of the device, or in the User Manual
for that device.