Operating controls and their functions – LG LVC-C530 User Manual

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Operating Controls and Their Functions

1. Tripod adapter

This adapter can also be attached on the bottom of the camera.

2. Lens mount cap
3. TELE Key

When push the TELE KEY, picture is telephoto

4. WIDE Key

When push the WIDE KEY, picture is wide angle

5. Focus Near Key

In a manual situation, focus get near.

6. Focus Far Key

In a manual situation, focus get far.

7. Menu Key

If you want to set up a diverse function, you can push this button.

8. Video output (S-Video type)

Connect to the S-Video in connector of a monitor.

9. Interface of camera control JACK (12 Pin Din Jack Type)

• Connect to an external voltage controller
• You can supply a camera with power from this. (DC12V)

10. Video output(BNC type)

Connect to the video in connector of a monitor.



Model: LVC-C530, LVC-C533

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