LG DRT389H User Manual

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Adjust the lock settings

To access the Lock System, DVD Rating, DTV Rating, Set Password or Area
Code options, you must enter the 4-digit password. If you have not yet entered
a password you are prompted to do so. Enter a 4-digit password. Enter it again
to verify. If you make a mistake while entering number, press CLEAR to delete
If you forget your password, you can reset it. Display the SETUP menu, input
‘210499’ and press OK(

). The password has now been cleared.

Lock System – Allows you to set up specific programs and ratings through
blocking schemes. Also allows you to activate or disable all of the lock schemes
previously set up. A password is required to gain access to the lock menu
options. When the [Lock System] is set to [OFF], the [DTV Rating] is not

DVD Rating – Select a DVD rating level. The lower the level, the stricter the
rating. Select [No Limit] to deactivate the rating.

DTV Rating – You can set the ratings to block out all the programs with ratings
above a specified level.

[No Control]: DTV Rating is not active and you can view all programs.

[04 Years] – [18 Years]: Rating [04 Years] has the most restrictions and [18
Years] is the least restrictive.

[Lock All]: All programs are locked. To view a program, you must change the
rating level you have set.

Set Password – Changes or deletes the password.

[Change]: Enter the new password twice after entering the current password.
[Delete]: Delete the current password by entering it.

Area code – Select a code for a geographic area as the playback rating level.
This determines which area’s standards are used to rate DVDs controlled by the
parental lock. See the Area Codes on page 36.

DivX Reg. Code– We provide you with the DivX® VOD (Video On Demand)
registration code that allows you to rent and purchase videos using the DivX®
VOD service. For more information, visit www.divx.com/vod.
Press OK(

) when [View] icon is highlighted and you can view the registration

code of the DVD recorder.

Adjust the recording settings

Record Mode Set – Select the picture quality for recording in XP, SP, LP, EP or
MLP mode. See recording time of each mode on page 39.

[XP]: Highest picture quality.
[SP]: Standard picture quality.
[LP]: Slightly lower picture quality than [SP] mode.
[EP]: Low picture quality.
[MLP]: The longest recording time with the lowest picture quality.

Record Aspect – This option sets the recording aspect ratio to suit the material
you are recording on DVD.

DV Record Audio – You need to set this if you have a camcorder using
32kHz/12-bit sound connected to the front panel DV IN jack.

Some digital camcorders have two stereo tracks for audio. One is recorded at
the time of shooting; the other is for overdubbing after shooting.
On the Audio 1 setting, the sound is recorded while shooting.
On the Audio 2 setting, the overdubbed sound is used.


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