Using mp3-explorer – LG MF-PD330 User Manual

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USING MP3-Explorer

The following figure describes the MP3-Explorer software.
The various features are explained below.

New Folder button

It creates the new folder.

Upper Folder button

Move to upper folder.

Large Icons button

Display the items to the large icon.

Small Icons button

Display the items to the small icon.

List button

Display the items in the directory or folder name only.

Detail button

Display the information of the icons in the display panel.

Refresh button

Change the information of the folder in the display

Rename button

Changes the name of the selected item.

Mask File button

Displays only the files of the selected information.

Delete button

Deletes the selected item.

About MP3 Explorer button

Displays the MP3-Explorer software information.

MMC Files display panel

Display panel for the data or MP3 files of the selected
multimedia card.

Download button (PC to MP3 Player)

This button will allow you to copy the selected MP3 files
or data on the PC in the local folder onto your MP3
Player. Approximately, the time spent on the copying
process would take about two or three minutes to copy
a 4MB file into your MP3 Player. The download time
may vary depending on your PC.