What is mp3 player – LG MF-PD330 User Manual

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What is MP3 PLAYER ?

You ll need to have MP3 files stored on your computer,
a data In/Out cable and your MP3 Player.

Using the MP3 Explorer software, select the MP3 files
you wish to transfer from your PC to the MP3 Player.
You can transfer songs or from your PC to your MP3
Player via your parallel port with a data In/Out Cable.
Also, you can transfer data from your MP3 Player to your

A benefit of using MP3 Player for storage of data,
windows documents, etc. is that when transferring large
data from PC to PC, you can carry an equivalent of more
than 40 floppy disks! A floppy diskette can carry only
1.44MB of data, but you can carry up to 64 Mega Bytes
of data using your MP3 Player.

How do I use your MP3 Player?

Characteristics-advantages of MP3 Player


New generation Digital Audio Player that does not
require tapes or CDs.

Pure sound guaranteed while handling, exercising and

Multimedia communication audio player through PC,
network and Internet.

Data storage device when transferring large data from
PC to PC.

Enjoy CD quality sound while listening to MP3 files

You can get thousands of songs at a fraction of CD
prices from various MP3 Internet providers via the
innovative Try & Buy program without leaving home!
You can buy only one song at a time, no more buying
a CD for the one or two songs you want.

You can select your own favorite songs, and change
the order of songs whenever you like.

MP3 Player has no moving parts and will not skip
since it does not require physical movement such as
rotating Tapes or CDs.