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Adjust the audio settings

DRC (Dynamic Range Control) – Make the sound clear when the volume is
turned down (Dolby Digital only). Set to [On] for this effect.

Vocal – Select [On] to mix karaoke channels into normal stereo. This function
is effective for multi-channel karaoke DVDs only.

HD AV Sync - Sometimes Digital TV encounters a delay between picture and
sound. If this happens you can compensate by setting a delay on the sound so
that it effectively ‘waits’ for the picture to arrive: this is called HD AV Sync. Use vV
to scroll up and down through the delay amount, which you can set at anything
between 0 and 300m sec.
The delay will vary depending on which digital TV channel you are on. If you
change channel you may need to readjust the HD AV Sync.

Adjust the lock settings

To access the lock options, you must enter the 4-digit password. If you have
not yet entered a password you are prompted to do so. Enter a 4-digit pass-
word. Enter it again to verify. If you make a mistake while entering number,
press CLEAR to delete numbers.
If you forget your password you can reset it. Press SETUP to display the Setup
menu. Input ‘210499’ and press ENTER. The password has now been cleared.

Rating – Select a rating level. The lower the level, the stricter the rating. Select
[Unlock] to deactivate the rating.

Password – Sets or changes the password for lock settings.

[New]: Enter a new 4-digit password using the numerical buttons then press
ENTER. Enter the password again to confirm.
[Change]: Enter the new password twice after entering the current password.

Area code – Select a code for a geographic area as the playback rating level.
This determines which area’s standards are used to rate DVDs controlled by
the parental lock. See the Area Codes on page 21.

Adjust the others settings

DivX(R) Registration – We provide you with the DivX® VOD (Video On
Demand) registration code that allows you to rent and purchase videos using
the DivX® VOD service.
For more information, visit
Press ENTER when [Select] icon is highlighted and you can view the registra-
tion code of the unit.

Setting the sound mode


You can select the Dolby Pro Logic II or Virtual sound. Press VSM to set the
virtual sound or to change sound mode repeatedly.

[BYPASS] mode : Software with multichannel surround audio signals is played
according to the way it was recorded.

2Ch source

[PL II MOVIE] mode: The Movie mode is for use with stereo television shows
and all programs encoded in Dolby Surround. The result is enhanced sound
field directionality that approaches the quality of discrete 5.1-channel sound.
[PL II MUSIC] mode: The Music mode is for use with any stereo music
[PL II MATRIX] mode: The Matrix mode is the same as the Music mode
except that the directional enhancement logic is turned off. It may be used to
enhance mono signals by making them seem “larger.” The Matrix mode may
also find use in auto systems, where the fluctuations from poor FM stereo
reception can otherwise cause disturbing surround signals from a logic
decoder. The ultimate “cure” for poor FM stereo reception may be simply to
force the audio to mono.
[ON STAGE] mode: Simulates a large Concert hall
[VIRTUAL] mode:

Realtime 3D positioned sound rendering technology

with stereo sources, optimized for stereo speakers. Listeners may expe-
rience amazing virtual surround effects with their own multimedia play-

5.1Ch source

[VIRTUAL] mode:

The Multichannel sound changes the sound in 5.1 ch

into a virtual one in the 10.1 ch so that it provides such a feeling that
you listen to the sound simultaneously from the right and left speakers
and center speaker.

Set a pre-programmed sound field

This system has a number of pre-set surround sound fields. Select the one
which best suits the programme you are watching by pressing EQ repeatedly to
cycle through the options: NORMAL, NATURAL, AUTO EQ, POP, CLASSIC,

[AUTO EQ]: AUTO EQ operates only in the MP3/ WMA files which include
the information. (ID3 Tag is operated ver.1 only.) WMA file operates to N


EQ regardless of Tag information.


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