Lenmar Enterprises Mach 1 User Manual

Mach 1, Speed charger, For aa & aaa size nimh batteries

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Mach 1


Speed Charger

For AA & AAA Size NiMH Batteries



This Mach 1 Speed Charger is a highly advanced and fully automatic battery charger which is compatible with all AA and AAA size
NiMH batteries commonly used in today’s digital cameras, MP3, CD players, 2-way radios, radio controlled cars, motorized toys and
other electronic devices.

The Mach 1 Speed Charger features microprocessor controlled NeoTherm


active pulse speedcharging to charge your battery up to 7

times faster than other standard chargers. Not only will it charge the battery safely and reliably, it will prolong battery life. Unlike the
other “60 minute” chargers, the Mach 1 will not overheat the batteries and damage them. The Mach1 Speed Charger actually prolongs
battery life. 1 to 4 batteries can be charged at a time, each with a dedicated LED indicator to show the charge status of that cell.

Flexible power input allows you to use the Mach 1 Speed Charger from home or overseas with its 100V-240V AC Universal Power
Supply, or on the road using the included 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter.

Charging Your Batteries

Plug-in either the AC Adapter or the DC Cigarette Lighter power adapter, and connect the other end of the power adapter cable to the
power input jack on the end of the Mach 1 AA/AAA Speedcharger unit.

Insert any combonation1 to 4 AA and/or AAA NiMH rechargeable battery cells to be charged into any of the 4 charging locations on
the charger unit, observing the direction of the battery as indicated by the diagrams. Only one AA or AAA size NiMH battery cell may
be installed into any single charging location.

The LED Indicators

Once the battery has been inserted into the Mach 1, the LED above it will indicate the status of the battery being charged. The Mach 1
contains an internal cooling fan which will run continuously as long as there is at least one battery being charged on the unit.

LED On – The battery at that location is being “Speed charged”. Once the LED turns Off, the battery at that location has completed
“Speed charging” and is trickle charged for the next 2-3 hours. The cell is now ready for use, but may be left in the charger during the
trickle charge to achieve a completely full charge.

LED Flashing - If an indicator LED is flashing above one or more of the cells being charged, this is an indication of an ERROR
condition. The battery below the flashing LED is either faulty or at the end of it’s life and should be replaced, as it is no longer

LED does not turn on – If the LED will not come on after a cell is inserted at that location, the voltage of that battery has dropped to
a very unhealthy low level. The battery should be replaced.

The battery cell(s) being charged may be safely removed at any time without harm to the cell or the charger unit. Once charging is
complete, promptly remove the cell(s) and unplug the Mach 1 charger.


• This Mach 1 charger is designed for use with NiMH (Nickel Metal-Hydride) AA and AAA cells only. Do not charge NiCd

(Nickel Cadmium) or any type of cells other than NiMH in this charger.

• The Mach 1 charger unit is designed for use in normal room temperature environments. In cases where the air temperature may

rise near or above 85° F, the internal microprocessor will adjust the rate of charge to assure the safe charging of the cells,
resulting in increased charge times.

• It is normal for the charger, AC adapter, or the battery cells to become warm during charging.
• Do not install a AAA cell and a AA cell into any one charging location at the same time.
• Batteries will self discharge when not in use. Batteries can be kept fresh if you recharge them every 2-3 months.

Approximate Charge times*

700 mAh AAA

30 minutes

1600 mAh AA

55 minutes

1800 mAh AA

60 minutes

2000 mAh AA

65 minutes

*Actual charge times will vary depending on the cell’s discharge level, capacity and condition. Longer charge times will occur when this charger is used
in temperatures above 85° F.