Time zone, Pc adjustments – Panasonic WJ-MPU955 User Manual

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Time Zone

Initially, when the TMU is launched and the Time Zone tab is
selected, there will be no time zone selected. Select a Time Zone from
the drop-down list, and then click the “Put to CPU” button.

Resetting the Main CPU

After putting the Time Zone to the main CPU, each CPU needs to be
rebooted so that the updated information is registered correctly.
Verify that you wish to reset the CPU by clicking “Yes” when asked
if you wish to reset the CPU.

If you are not able to reset the CPU at that time, select the “Reset” tab,
click the red “Reset” button, and click “Yes” to confirm the reset of
the CPU when it is convenient to do so.


If any of the settings for the local PC are incorrect, make adjustments
using the time zone settings in the standard Windows Clock and
Calendar. These settings can be viewed by the date/time within the
Windows Control Panel. See the Windows operation guide supplied
with your PC for more detailed information

If PC adjustments have been made, click “View Local PC Settings
button. This will refresh the displayed PC settings, again colored in



Note: If the changes to the PC settings are not reflected, close

the application and re-open to refresh the Local PC