Network Technologies RACKMUX-UW15-4USB User Manual

St-c5mk-vesa, Vesa mounting bracket kit, Installation instruction

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Installation Instruction

The ST-C5MK-VESA is a VESA Mounting Bracket Kit that allows an NTI extender (XTENDEX) to be easily mounted to the back of a
flat panel monitor enabling simple and clean cable routing and saving valuable desk space. The ST-C5MK-VESA is provided with
two sets of mounting holes compliant to VESA 75mm and 100mm mounting hole patterns. Two sets of standoffs allow the NTI
XTENDEX to be attached such that cables can approach from any of 4 directions. See the chart below for XTENDEX models that
can be mounted using the ST-C5MK-VESA.

Compatible XTENDEX Models

Where to find:

ST-C5x-600: Remote Units only

ST-C5x-300: Remote and Local Units

ST-C5x-1000: Remote Units only


1. If the existing monitor support arm bracket (see picture on page 3 for reference) has not already been removed from the monitor,
remove it now.

2. Place the large ST-C5MK-VESA mounting bracket between the support arm bracket and the monitor. The holes in the support
arm bracket will line up with either the holes in the VESA 75mm pattern or the 100mm pattern (see image below). Reapply the screws
to secure the support arm bracket and the large ST-C5MK-VESA mounting bracket to the monitor. Be sure to tighten the screws

Hole pattern for

75mm mounting

Hole pattern for 100mm mounting

Rear View of LCD monitor

Place VESA mounting bracket between the monitor mounting
plate and the monitor. Use either the 75mm hole pattern or
the 100mm hole pattern.

Standoffs for mounting the XTENDEX

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