Netac Tech C675 User Manual

Mp3 player (c675) user’s manual

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MP3 Player (C675) User’s Manual


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1. Introduc tion

Thanks for purchasing Netac MP3 Player (C675). MP3 Player is a new type of portable

digital music player, perfectly combines digital music playing, recording, FM tuner, SD/

MMC Card and removable disk, etc.

1.1 Featu res

Support SD/MMC Card hot plug and play


Support MP3, WMA music files


Stereo Output


Support A-B repeat, multiple sound/play modes


Powered by an AAA alkaline battery


Synchronously Lyric (LRC file) display


Built-in FM tuner


Support FM, VOICE and LINE-IN recording


Built-in flash memory


Effectively prevent misoperation with HOLD switch


Support memory function


Support English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese menu


Attractive blue-color backlight & LCD display


Built-in Mini USB port


No driver installation required (except on Windows 98/98SE)

1.2 Appearance and Buttons

2. Usage on the Computer

2.1 Connecting with the Computer

MP3 Player connects with the computer through USB cable. Connect standard port of

USB cable to the computer, Mini port to MP3 Player.

2.2 Utilities Installation

MP3 Player Utilities includes Windows 98/98SE driver and Firmware Download tools.

You can download the driver from for installation.

2.3 Data Transferring


Boot your computer, connect MP3 Player to the computer.


The LCD of MP3 Player would display “READY” to prompt the connection status

after been connecting.


Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003 : Double click “My Computer”, you

would find two new icons named “Removable Disk”, and the first icon represents

MP3 Player, the second icon represents SD/MMC Card. A new icon


appear at the taskbar on Windows Me/2000/XP/Server 2003, representing MP3


3. Basic Operations

3.1 Battery

: The battery is full.

: The battery is exhausted.

3.2 Keystroke Definition

Hold: The time of keystroke is about 2 seconds.

Press: The time of keystroke is less than 2 seconds.

3.3 Power On/Off

To power on MP3 Player, please hold Play/Pause button, MP3 Player would enter Music

Menu automatically.

To power off MP3 Player, please hold Play/Pause button till the LCD of MP3 Player

displays “

Power Off”.

MP3 Player would power off automatically if there is no operation based upon preset

time (Please refer to “

5.4 Setting Menu -> Power Saving” for details).

3.4 HOLD

This function is used to prevent the buttons from being operated accidentally. To lock all

buttons please lock the HOLD switch, and LCD prompts the lock status. To release the

lock function, please unlock the HOLD switch. If the HOLD switch was open when power

on, MP3 Player would power off automatically shortly after been displayed “Key Hold”,

please unlock the HOLD switch again to power it on.

3.5 Firmware Update

You can download the latest update tool from our website to

update MP3 Player. The update steps are as the following:


Please uninstall “

Netac C675 MP3 Player” in your computer first, then double click

the downloaded file “Setup.exe”, it would install new MP3 Player Utilities



Run “

Start -> Programs -> Netac C675 MP3 Player -> Firmware Download” to

update firmware for MP3 Player, click “Start”

button to begin update on the window

of “Firmware Download”

. It would prompt “Complete”

after updating, click “


button, and then unplug MP3 Player from the computer to finish.


You can also click the check box of “Format Data Area” in “Firmware Download”

window, click “

Yes” button in the pop-up window “Formatting the data area will erase

all files stored on the media, Continue?”

and then click “

Start” button to format MP3

Player. It would show “Complete” upon format finished, click “Close” button to




Firmware update can improve and optimize the performances of MP3 Player, but

MP3 Player can also work properly with original firmware.


MP3 Player can’t work properly due to misoperation! Please read this manual in

detail before operating firmware update, and ask for help from the computer engineer.


This firmware update program is only available for C675.


All data of the disk would be lose when formatting MP3 Player. Please backup data


4. SD/MMC Card

MP3 Player supports SD/MMC Card hot plug and play.

After the Card has been successfully inserted in MP3 Player, an icon

would display

in the LCD.

You can also set to store LINE-IN/MIC/FM recorded files in SD/MMC Card. Please refer


“5.4 Setting Menu” for details.

Note: Under playing/pause status, if the SD/MMC Card is plugged into or exit MP3

Player, the track would be stop playing automatically.

5. Usage of MP3 Player

There are six menus in MP3 Player system: Music Menu, FM Radio, Voice Menu, Line In

Menu, Setting Menu, and About. Please press Previous/Next button to select menu, and

then press MENU button to enter. The contents of recording, please refer to “5.3

RECORD” for details.

5.1 Music Menu

Play / Pause / Stop

Press Play/Pause button to play the track.

Press Play/Pause button to pause the track.

Hold Play/Pause button to stop playing in playing/pause status.

Note: MP3 Player can play 16 levels folder and support 450 tracks/recorded files. All of

the MP3/WMA files would be played in Music Menu.

Rewind/Forward : Hold Previous/Next button to rewind or fast forward the track.


Selecting Track: Press Previous/Next button to select the track.


Volume: Press Volume +/- button to turn up/down the volume.


A-B repeat: Press REC button to set A (start) and B (end) spot while in playing

status, MP3 Player would play the track between A and B repeatedly. Press REC

button again to exit A-B repeat.

Note: MP3 Player can’t implement A-B repeat when the spare playing time is less than 3


Lyric showing: MP3 Player would automatically search the lyric file (LRC format,

you can make by yourself, download from Internet, etc.).


Copy the track and the lyric file (LRC format) into the same folder.


Make sure the name of the lyric file is the same as the name of the track,

otherwise the lyric can’

t be displayed.


Lyric would be shown synchronously on the LCD during playing.

5.2 FM Radio

MP3 Player can receive and record the FM channel under FM Radio menu.

Note: The earphone can be used as an antenna, please connect it with MP3 Player would

make better effect while searching channels.

Press MENU button to switch among “Radio”, “Scan”

, “

Store” and “Exit”

under FM Radio

menu. The Operations are as the following:


(Radio): You can press Play/Pause button to stop/resume receiving FM program,

and switch channel by pressing Previous/Next

button if there is more than one

channel saved.


(Scan): MP3 Player can save maximum 30 channels.

Automatic Scanning: Press Play/Pause button to enter auto-scanning under Scan

status, MP3 Player would save the searched channel automatically.

Manual Scanning: Press Previous/Next

button to search channel ahead/backwards

by 0.1MHz manual in receiving status.


(Store): Press Play/Pause button to save channel, the LCD would display

“Station Saved”.


(Exit): Press Play/Pause button to return to main menu.


Turn up/down the volume: Press Volume +/- button to turn up/down the volume in

receiving or recording status.



Before recording, you must set the parameters of recorded file, according to

different recorded modes (Please refer to “

Setting Menu”).

Mac OS 10.2 or above (Mac OS 10.3.2 e.g.): You would find two new icons named


that would appear on the desktop of your computer, and the first icon

represents MP3 Player, the second icon represents SD/MMC Card.

Note: Under the system of Mac OS 10.2 or above, only one disk letter would

appear, if SD/MMC Card is not plugged into MP3 Player.


Then you can copy, delete, or edit data on MP3 Player or SD/MMC Card, just as

on a traditional hard disk.


The LCD of MP3 Player would display “WRITING”

(Writing data to MP3 Player or

SD/MMC Card) or “

READING” (Reading data from MP3 Player or SD/MMC Card)

when MP3 Player connects with the computer, please don’

t unplug MP3 Player

while data is transferring between MP3 Player or SD/MMC Card and the computer,

otherwise the transferring data may be lost.

2.4 Disconnecting

Please refer to the following steps to unplug MP3 Player after data transferring:


Windows 98/98SE: The LCD of MP3 Player would display “READY”

when finished

data transferring, then you can disconnect MP3 Player from USB port of the



Windows Me/2000/XP/Server 2003 (Windows 2000 e.g.): Click the icon


the taskbar, click the prompt menu “Stop USB Mass Storage Device - Driver”,

and click “OK” button in the pop-up window “The ‘

USB Mass Storage Device’

device can now be safely removed from the system”, then you can disconnect

MP3 Player from the computer safely.


Mac OS 10.2 or above (Mac OS 10.3.2 e.g.): Select the icon representing MP3

Player, and click “File” to select “Exit NO NAME”

or “

Exit” (if SD/MMC card is plugged

into the MP3 Player), then you can disconnect MP3 Player from the computer.

Tips: Drag MP3 Player icon into Trash, and then disconnect it from the computer.


Left Side

Right Side

REC Button

Play/Pause Button

Mini USB Port

HOLD Switch


Battery Cover


Card Slot

Earphone Jack

Volume +

Previous MENU Next

Volume -




FM Recording: Press REC button to record in Radio status under FM Radio menu.

VOICE/MUSIC Recording: Press REC button to record in stop status under

Voice / Music menu.

LINE IN Recording: Under Line In menu, MP3 Player can record audio signal

from audio/video device via cable.


Connect 2.5mm port of Line In cable to MP3 Player, and 3.5mm port to audio

output socket of audio/video device.


Press REC button to start Line In recording while in stop status.


You can listen synchronously during recording.

PN: UM06020101