Netac Tech C670 User Manual

Mp3 player (c670) user’ s manual

background image

On the LCD


Playback: Indicates the playback status with different logos.




A-B repeating: Indicates if A-B repeating is selected.


Sound Mode: Indicates the EQ, such as NORMAL, ROCK, JAZZ, CLAS-



Card: Indicates SD/MMC Card status. indicates that SD/MMC Card

has been inserted in.


Lock: Indicates whether the HOLD switch has been enabled.


Battery: Indicates the battery status.


Volume: Indicates volume status.


Elapsed Time: Indicates play time of current track.


Track number: Area for track number/total number of all tracks.


Track Information & Lyric: Area for track information & Lyric display

during playing status.

MP3 Player (C670) User’

s Manual

Copyright Protection

This manual contains information protected by copyright law. All rights are

reserved. No part of this files may be used or reproduced in any form or by

any means, or stored in a database/retrieval system without prior written

permission from Netac Technology Co., Ltd.


Thank you for purchasing Netac MP3 Player (C670), which is a unique

designed device combining MP3 player, recorder, FM receiver, SD/MMC

Card reader and Flash Drive.


High definition array LCD with indigo backlight

Playback MP3/WMA music files

Stereo output

Lyric shows while music is playing back

Support English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese Fonts

Start from where it was shut down

With multiple Playback Mode & Sound Mode

Support A-B repeat

Support SD/MMC Card hot plug and play

With FM receiver & support recording FM programs to MP3 files

Support VOICE and LINE-IN recording

With button lock

Playing time is approximately 10 hours with an AAA alkaline battery

Built-in 32M ~ 512MB flash memory

No driver installation required (except on Windows 98)

Easy to transfer files: just copy and paste

Built-in Mini USB port, compatible USB Specifications 2.0/1.1/1.0

System Requirements

IBM Compatible PC, Notebook, Mac with USB port


98/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003, Mac OS 10.2 or above

Getting Started


The full package inculdes:

MP3 Player


USB Cable


Installation CD


s Manual

Neck Strap

Size AAA alkaline battery

Parts and Controls

: Lock

Connecting MP3 Player to the PC

Driver Installation on Windows 98

MP3 Player requires driver installation on Windows 98. Double click the file

“setup.exe” under the directory “\C670V2” of the installation CD, and driver

for Windows 98 will be installed automatically.

Transferring Files from the PC to MP3 Player


Power on MP3 Player and connect it to your computer through the USB

Cable when MP3 Player is under MUSIC MODE.


When successfully connected, “READY” will display on the LCD.


Double click “My Computer”, and you would find two new icons representing

MP3 Player and SD/MMC Card. A new icon

would display at the

taskbar on Windows Me/2000/XP/Server 2003 representing MP3 Player.

Double click “

My Computer”

, and you would find two new icons “NO_NAME”

representing MP3 Player and SD/MMC Card on Mac OS 10.2 or above.

Note: Only one disk letter will appear if the card is not pluged into the MP3



Now you can copy, delete or save files on MP3 Player or SD/MMC

Card, just as you would do on a traditional hard disk.


During file transferring, don’

t remove MP3 Player from computer.

Safely Remove MP3 Player

To remove MP3 Player from your computer, please choose one of the

following methods according to your operating system:

Windows 98: Unplug MP3 Player from the USB port directly when “READY”

appears on the LCD.

Windows Me/2000/XP/Server 2003: Click the icon

on the taskbar,

and “Stop USB Mass Storage Device-Drive” message appears. Click the

message, and a window indicating “The USB Mass Storage device can

now be safely removed from the system” shows. Then click “OK” to un-

plug MP3 Player safely.

Mac os 10.2 or above: Click “push NO_NAME” or “push” (the card pluged

into MP3 Player) of “Files” in the menu, then you can unplug MP3 Player


Skill: Taking disk letter into recycle bin before unpluging MP3 Player.

Locking the Buttons

This function is used to prevent the buttons from being accidentally operated

when you carry MP3 Player. To lock all buttons please simply push the “Hold”

switch to the direction of the arrow marked above it, an icon appears in the

“Lock” area of the LCD and no buttons will be able to operate. To release the

hold function, please push the “Hold” switch to the opposite direction.


MP3 Player supports SD/MMC Card hot plug and play.

After the Card has been successfully inserted in MP3 Player, an icon would

display in “Card” area of the LCD. You can store more files.

You can also set to store LINE-IN/MIC/FM recorded files in SD/MMC Card.

Note: After the Card has been inserted, the order of MP3 Player playing

back is: play back music in MP3 Player before in SD/MMC Card.

Mode Switch

There are eight modes in MP3 Player system: MUSIC, FM, VOICE, LINE-IN, SETUP,

REC-SETUP, INFO and EXIT. Please press / to choose each menu, then


repeatedly to select the mode you want.


Play / Pause / Stop

Please press

to playback a file while in pause/stop status.

Please press

to have a pause while in playing status.

Please hold

to stop playing while in playing/pause status.

Fast Forward & Rewind track

Please hold


to fast forward or rewind the track while in playing status.

Track select

Please press


to select a track while in playing/pause/stop status.

Volume adjust

Please press


to adjust the volume while in playing/pause/stop


A-B repeat

Please press

twice to decide the start and the end while in playing

status, MP3 Player will start A-B repeat.

Please press

to have a pause or press

again to exit A-B repeat.

Lyric Shows

MP3 Player can find lyric with the same name of the song under the directory

automatic (LRC form, you can make it by yourself, or download from Internet

and other channel).

1) Copy lyric and song (LRC form) to the same directory of MP3 Player.

2) Make sure that the name of lyric and song must be the same, if not the

lyric will not be shown.

3) Lyric will be shown in the LCD “ID3 AND LYRIC” during the music playing



Under FM MODE MP3 Player can receive FM programs and record programs.


Press /

to change the preset channel.

You can press

to stop receiving at any moment, press

again to go

on receiving.



to switch the SCAN status.

Auto search channel: Under SCAN status, press

to go to auto search

status, then press



to start auto search, MP3 Player will

store it to the relevant number automatically after searching each channel.

Search channel by hand: You can search a channel by hand which has

been stored. Under the SCAN status, press /

to search channel. Each

press will increase or decrease 0.1 MHz.

Note: MP3 Player support 30 preset channels most.


After auto search channel or by hand, press

to switch to SAVE

status, then press

to save searched channel. After LCD displayed

“Station Saved”, MP3 Player go back to FM status.



to switch to the EXIT status, press

to exit and go back to

MUSIC mode.


: Power on/Play/Pause/Stop/Power off/FM Preset channel select/FM Mode select

: Record/Stop record/A-B repeat/Play Mode short switch

: Mode switch/Mode select/FM Mode select

: REW/Previous track/FM channel down/Submenu-scroll-down select

: FF/Next track/FM channel up/Submenu-scroll-up select

: Volume up

: Volume down


USB Port


Earphone Port

SD/MMC Card Slot

Battery Cover

Basic Operations

Power On & Power Off

To power on/off MP3 Player, please hold

. After power on, the default

mode is MUSIC MODE and MP3 Player is in stop status.

MP3 Player will automatically power off in pause/stop status when there is

no operation on it if the setting of “Auto poert off” is able.