Navigon Sync 5100max User Manual

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NAVIGON Sync Quick Start Guide




5100max / 7200T / 8100T

The NAVIGON Sync application is intended for users who have a computer running Windows XP or
Windows Vista.


The NAVIGON Sync application is provided free to customers who have purchased a NAVIGON PND that
supports the import of Microsoft Outlook contacts for quick and easy selection as a destination.

Verify your Device


Prior to downloading the NAVIGON Sync application, please confirm you own one of the

following NAVIGON products: 5100max, 7200T, 7200TSD, or 8100T. You can verify this by
checking the Product Information screen. This can be accessed by selecting Options -> Settings -
> Options -> Product Information from the Main Menu.


The first line in the Product Information screen will indicate your product:

e.g. NAVIGON 7200T

NAVIGON Sync is compatible with some European models, but they are not listed here. Please
refer to the NAVIGON European website to determine compatibility.

Obtain a USB cable
NAVIGON Sync requires a USB cable to connect your Navigon PND to a PC. Any USB cable that includes
a TYPE-A connector and a MINI-B connector (shown below) should work.

USB Type-A + Mini-B Cable

If you do not already own a USB cable, this can be purchased at

and click on

the SHOP Navigonlogo. Or, you can purchase via Navigon’s Customer Support Center at 1-888-848-0701
or buy at almost any electronics/computer retailer.