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NI Smart Camera I/O Accessory User Guide



What You Need to Get Started

NI Smart Camera I/O Accessory kit, which includes the accessory, 15-pin D-SUB female to 15-pin
D-SUB male cable, 2 m (part number 197817-02), and two-position header connector (Wago part
number 734-102, available from



NI 17xx Smart Camera

One of the following power supply options:


Use the smart camera only with a 24 VDC, UL listed, limited power source (LPS) supply.

The power supply will bear the UL listed mark, LPS. The power supply must also meet any safety
and compliance requirements for the country of use.

NI desktop power supply (part number 780237-01) and power supply cord. Refer to ni.com
for the power supply cord part number specific to your region and ordering information.

Any 24 VDC, +20%/–15% (IEC 1311) power supply, such as the PS-5 power supply (part
number 778805-90), and custom power cable. Refer to the

Building a Custom Power Cable

section for information about building a power cable for the NI Smart Camera I/O Accessory.

(Optional) NI 9-pin female D-SUB to 9-pin female D-SUB null modem RS-232 cable
(part number 182238-xx)

0.125 in. flathead screwdriver

12–28 AWG wire

Wire cutter

Wire insulation stripper

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, contain

information you may find helpful as you set up and use the NI Smart Camera I/O Accessory:

Getting Started with the NI 17xx Smart Camera

NI 17xx Smart Camera User Manual

Safety Information


The following paragraphs contain important safety information you must follow when

installing and operating the device.

Do not operate the device in a manner not specified in this document. Misuse of the device can result in
a hazard. You can compromise the safety protection built into the device if the device is damaged in any
way. If the device is damaged, return it to National Instruments (NI) for repair.

Do not substitute parts or modify the device except as described in this document. Use the device only
with the chassis, devices, accessories, and cables specified in the installation instructions. You must have
all covers and filler panels installed during operation of the device.

Do not operate the device in an explosive atmosphere or where there may be flammable gases or fumes.
If you must operate the device in such an environment, it must be in a suitably rated enclosure.

If you need to clean the device, use a soft, nonmetallic brush. Make sure that the device is completely
dry and free from contaminants before returning it to service.