Important, Notice, Warnings – Northern Industrial Tools M35982E User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing a NorthStar compressor pump. Your pump is designed for

long life, dependability, and the top performance you demand. Please take time now to
read through this manual so you can better understand the pump’s safety precautions.
Everyone who uses this pump must read and understand this manual. Enjoy the
exceptional performance of your NorthStar pump.


Make certain the operator:
- Reads and understands the manuals pertaining to this tank.
- Is instructed in safe and proper operation of this air compressor tank.


Northern Tool + Equipment reserves the right to make improvements in design and/or

changes in specifications at any time without incurring any obligation to install them on
units previously sold.


bleed pressure from tank before servicing.

ALWAYS use air handling parts that are rated above the maximum allowable working

pressure of the tank.

ALWAYS drain tank daily or after each use. Rusted tanks can cause explosion and

cause severe injury or death.

ALWAYS read your owners manual before operating.

ALWAYS use at least one ASME safety relief valve rated at 200 psi or below.

ALWAYS use an ASME certified air receiver tank.

ALWAYS use Teflon tape on all treads to reduce leaks.

NEVER exceed the nameplate rating of the tank (200 psi working pressure). Exceeding

this rating can cause explosion and cause severe injury or death.

NEVER operate machine without a belt guard in place.

NEVER bypass, modify, or remove safety/relief valves.

NEVER direct air stream at people or animals

NEVER modify or repair tank, obtain an ASME replacement from a service center or

Product Support at 1-800-270-0810.

NEVER breathe receiver air. Can contain Carbon Monoxide or other contaminants.

Will cause serious injury or death.

NorthStar air compressor tanks are not designed for breathing air.

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