Recipes, How to use (continued) (a) – Nostalgia Electrics ICM-562 User Manual

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Below you will find some ‘basic’ ice cream recipes to use with your OLD FASHIONED

You can find various other recipes for ice cream, sherbet and healthy desserts on the Internet or
in books at your favorite bookstore or ‘just ask Grandma’.


 Cup (10 oz) Milk


 Cup (10 oz) Heavy Whipping Cream

 Cup (4 oz) Baker’s Sugar

Pinch of Salt

 Teaspoon (2.5 ml) Vanilla Flavor

Combine all of the above ingredients. Blend by stirring well until the sugar is completely
dissolved. Refrigerate to achieve a thoroughly chilled temperature.

Turn motor ON and pour mixture into the front opening of the lid to be mixed and
transformed into a delicious soft serve
ice cream.

Variations of the above recipe:
Strawberry – add

 Cup (2 oz.) pureed fresh strawberries to ingredients for a delicious

strawberry ice cream. OR
Chocolate – add 2 Tbs (3 ml) of chocolate Ice Cream Topping to ingredients for a non cooked
soft serve chocolate ice cream. OR

 Cup (4 oz) Splenda for sugar in the basic vanilla recipe. Reduce Milk to 1 Cup (8

oz) and add

 Cup (2 oz) cold strong coffee for an additional soft serve ice cream treat.

CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM (Rich, thick and creamy)
 Cup (4 oz) Chocolate Chips
 Cup (4 oz) Baker’s Sugar

 Cup (9 oz) Milk

2 Egg Yolks

 Cup (9 oz) Cream

Combine sugar, chocolate and half of the milk in saucepan. Gently heat until chocolate chips
has melted. Combine the eggs and balance of the milk. Add this to the saucepan mixture,
stirring constantly bring to a gentle boil. Remove from heat and cool. Once cooled refrigerate
thoroughly. After refrigerating, whisk in the cream.

NOTE: It is not recommended to add nuts, candy, fruit or anything chunky to your
mixture this may clog the dispenser and prevent ice cream flow. These are best added
after the ice cream has been dispensed



HOW TO USE (Continued)



Place lid on the crown portion of the unit and snap into place with locking clip on
front side. Place motor on unit properly seating in the motor rest and fitting with the
mixing paddle stem. See page 9, Illustration D.


Turn the motor unit ON, as shown in Illustration E, on page 10. The paddle will

begin to rotate. Using a container with a pour spout, pour in your previously
prepared cream mixture through the opening in the front of the lid.


The entire mixing process will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes*. The unit

should not be turned off during the processing session as the mixture will
become quickly frozen and when turned on again, the paddle will not be able
to rotate and complete the process.

NOTE: The ICM-562 motor will automatically shut off after 30 minutes or longer of
continuous running, if the motor gets too hot. This is a safety feature. After the
unit has cooled (around 15 minutes), you may restart and run again.

*When the desired consistency is reached, place a dessert cup or cone under the spout
and press the spout handle to open the spout and to dispense the ice cream. The first
drops may not be frozen. As you dispense the ice cream the flow should be thicker.