Helpful tips, Cleaning & maintenance, English – Nostalgia Electrics KRS-2150 User Manual

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It is recommended that you flush the hoses with water prior to

first use to remove any dust and debris from shipping.
Only open the

CO2 Tank ¼ turn to begin with and then use the regulator

to adjust to desired pour. If it is not enough, continue to open the CO2

Tank by ¼ turn and use regulator until desired setting is reached.
It is normal to see condensation form on the faucet. It is caused

by the difference in temperature between the cold beer and the

inside of the faucet when beer is flowing through the line.
If your

CO2 Tank Band breaks during assembly, it is

recommended to use a bungee cord to secure CO2 Tank.


Follow the steps below to clean the keg tap and hoses. (see illustration below)

Turn off CO


2 completely

before attempting to clean.
Remove the hose from the


coupler and carefully twist

the dispenser faucet off the

top of the KEGORATOR™.
Ensure that the dispenser handle


is in the down position before

flushing the hose. If this is not

set correctly, water cannot flow

through. Hold the open end of the

hose under running water for 3-5

minutes, while the beer dispenser

faucet drains into the sink. This

will clear any excess beer that

is trapped inside, helping to

prevent any bacteria or mold

that could accumulate inside.
In order to clean and remove


any excess beer that may leak

into the unit space inside the

door, remove the black rubber insulation and wipe with a wet towel as needed.

Follow the guidelines below to care for your KEGORATOR™ when not in use.

Please adjust the temperature gauge to MIN in colder environments

because this unit does not self-defrost and ice may build up inside

the unit. The temperature gauge is located on the back side of the
KEGORATOR™ inside the cut out area at the bottom to the lower left.
Always rinse the beer line if you do not intend to use your KEGORATOR

™ for

a period of time. First, turn off the CO2 and dispense beer until it stops. This

will release pressure in the keg so that the coupler can safely be detached.
To avoid permanent damage to the unit, never use

sharp objects inside the KEGORATOR™


Flush hose with water


Detach beer line