New Balance NB467 User Manual

Sport ear buds with modular cord system, Model: nb467, Limited 2 year warranty

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Using Your New Balance Sport Ear Buds with Foldable Behind The Neck Band

Your New Balance Ear Buds feature a foldable neckband for compact storage. Unfold the neckband

completely, place it behind your neck with the short cord on your left side and insert the ear buds into your


Your New Balance Sport Ear Buds were designed with a modular cord

system. We have provided a 15” cable that is suitable if your music player

will be worn in an arm-band or clipped to your clothing at chest level. We

have also provided a 36” cable that is suitable if your music player will be

clipped to your belt, placed in your pocket or carried in a fanny-pack

Using the Accessory Cord Winder Clip

Your New Balance Ear Buds are also supplied with a cord winder clip that may be used to eliminate excess

slack in the 36” cable if necessary. If you find that that the 36” cable is too long you can store up to 24” of

cable in the cord winder and then clip the cord winder to your clothing.

Connect the male headphone plug of the ear buds to the female

headphone jack of either the 15” or 36” headphone cable depending on

your wearing preference. Then connect the male headphone plug of the

15” or 36” cable to the headphone jack of your music player. Be sure that

the plugs are fully inserted into the jacks. If the plug is not fully inserted you

may only hear sound from one earpiece.

Model: NB467

Sport Ear Buds with
Modular Cord System

Using the Water Resistant Connection Cover

Your New Balance Ear Buds are also supplied with a silicon sleeve that can be used to cover the connec-

tion between the male headphone plug on the Ear Buds and the female headphone jack on the 15” or 36”

cable. Use this connection cover if you routinely use your Ear Buds in extremely wet or damp conditions.

Stretch the connection cover over the plug of the Ear Buds as
shown. After connecting the male plug of the Ear Buds to the
female jack on the 15” or 36” cable. Slide the connection
cover down so that it completely covers the plug and jack
connection point to seal out excess moisture.

Safety Information

To protect your hearing, always start listening with the Volume Control of your music player set to a

low level and gradually increase the volume to a comfortable listening level.

IMPORTANT! Listening at high volume for long periods of time can result in long-term hearing

damage. For your safety, do not use headphones if they would prevent you from hearing warning

sounds, such as while driving a car or motorcycle, riding a bike, etc.

NOTE: In extremely cold or dry air conditions you may notice a slight ‘tingling’ feeling in your ears

when using in-ear headphones. This is the result of the build-up of static electricity in your body. This

is normal and not an indication of any problem with your headphones.

Limited 2 Year Warranty

New Balance Products, a division of SDI Technologies Inc. (hereafter referred to as SDI Technologies),
warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and
conditions, for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase.
Should this product fail to function in a satisfactory manner, it is best to first return it to the store
where it was originally purchased. Should this fail to resolve the matter and service still be required
by reason of any defect or malfunction during the warranty period, SDI Technologies will repair or,
at its discretion, replace this product without charge (except for a $2.00 charge for handling,
packing, return UPS/postage, and insurance). This decision is subject to verification of the defect
or malfunction upon delivery of this product to the Factory Service Center listed below. The product
must include proof of purchase, including date of purchase. The fee for service without proof of
purchase is $4.00.
Before returning this product for service, please first replace the batteries (if applicable) with fresh
ones, as exhausted or defective batteries are the most common cause of problems encountered.
If service is still required:
1. Remove the batteries (if applicable) and pack the unit in a well padded, heavy corrugated box.
2. Enclose a photocopy of your sales receipt, credit card statement, or other proof of the date of

purchase, if within the warranty period.

3. Enclose a check or money order payable to the order of SDI Technologies, for the sum of $2.00

($4.00 without proof of purchase).

4. Send the unit prepaid and insured, to the Factory Service Center listed below.

Consumer Repair Department

SDI Technologies Inc.
1330 Goodyear Drive

El Paso, TX 79936-6420

Disclaimer of Warranty
NOTE: This warranty is valid only if the product is used for the purpose for which it was designed.
It does not cover (i) products which have been damaged by negligence or willful actions, misuse
or accident, or which have been modified or repaired by unauthorized persons; (ii) cracked or
broken cabinets, or units damaged by excessive heat; (iii) damage to digital media players, CD’s
or tape cassettes (if applicable); (iv) the cost of shipping this product to the Factory Service Center
and its return to the owner.
This warranty is valid only in the United States of America and does not extend to owners of the
product other than to the original purchaser. In no event will SDI Technologies or any of its affiliates,
contractors, resellers, their officers, directors, shareholders, members or agents be liable to you
or any third party for any consequential or incidental damages, any lost profits, actual, exemplary
or punitive damages. (Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties or exclusion of
consequential damages, so these restrictions may not apply to you.) This warranty gives you
specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Your acknowledgement and agreement to fully and completely abide by the above mentioned
disclaimer of warranty is contractually binding to you upon your transfer of currency (money order,
cashier's check, or credit card) for purchase of your SDI Technologies product.

© 2010 SDI Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved

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close the cord winder

wrap cord clockwise around the

spool to reach desired length

open the cord winder

using the small tab

under the clip

pass the plug down

and through the cover

clip it on and go!

wind over

20 inches!

pull the cord back up

and over the spool