N-Tron 1003GX2 User Manual

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The 1003GX2 is an unmanaged three port Gigabit
Industrial Ethernet Switch. It is housed in a hardened,
metal, DIN-Rail enclosure, and is designed for use in
industrial data acquisition, control, and Ethernet I/O



1003GX2 Gigabit Industrial Ethernet

Switch is designed to solve the most demanding
industrial communications requirements while
providing high throughput and minimum downtime.

The 1003GX2 provides one RJ-45 auto sensing
10/100/1000BaseT port and two 1000BaseSX/LX
SFP port. The RJ-45 port is full/half duplex capable,
using "state of the art" Ethernet switching
technology. The 1003GX2 auto-negotiates the speed
and flow control capabilities of the copper port
connection, and configures itself automatically. The
1000BaseSX/LX fiber optic port utilizes industry
standard SFP transceivers with LC style connectors
and is configured for full duplex operation. Both
multimode and singlemode fiber models are available.

Since the TX port of the 1003GX2 is auto sensing,
there will be no need to make extensive wiring changes

if upgrades are made to the host computers, plant
systems, or Ethernet I/O modules. The switching fab-
ric simply scales up or down automatically to match your
specific network environment.

The 1003GX2 supports up to 1,024 MAC addresses,
thus enabling these products to support extremely
sophisticated and complex network architectures.

The N-TRON 1003GX2 is an ideal candidate for
upgrading existing hubs and repeaters to increase
bandwidth and determinism by virtually eliminating
network collisions. The product also keeps the network
affordable, while maintaining the plug & play
simplicity of the unmanaged hub.

The 1003GX2 is truly engineered to withstand the
extremes of the industrial environments and carry an
impressive operating temperature rating of -40ºC to
85ºC. For cost savings and convenience the media
converter can be DIN-Rail mounted alongside Ethernet
I/O or other Industrial Equipment.

The unique compact size provides a smaller footprint,
conserving space in the most critical dimension. In
addition, as with other DIN-Rail devices, the 1003GX2
can be panel mounted by using our 1000-PM kit.

To increase reliability, the 1003GX2 contains
redundant power inputs. LEDs are provided to display
the link status and activity of each port, as well as power.
on/off status.

• Compact Size, Smaller Footprint

• Unmanaged Operation
• Full IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3z, and 802.3ab
• One 10/100/1000BaseT RJ-45 Port
• Two 1000BaseSX/LX SFP (Mini-GBIC) Ports
• Mix-and-Match Multimode and Singlemode
LC Style SFP Gigabit Fiber Transceivers
• Extended Environmental Specifications
• -40ºC to 85ºC Operating Temperature
• >2M Hours MTBF
• RJ-45 Port Supports Full/Half Duplex Operation
• Up to 6.0 Gb/s Maximum Throughput
• Supports up to 1,024 MAC Addresses
• Store-and-forward Technology
• RJ-45 Port Auto Senses Speed and Flow Control
• Full Wire Speed Communications
• MDIX Auto Cable Sensing (RJ-45)
• Hardened Metal DIN-Rail Enclosure
• LED Link/Activity Status Indication
• Redundant Power Inputs (10-30 VDC)