N-Tron 708FX2 User Manual

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The 708FX2 offers several management functions that can be easily
confi gured using a Web Browser.

IGMP Snooping - Internet Group Management Protocol is a feature
that allows the 708FX2 switch to forward and fi lter multicast traffi c

VLAN - Virtual Local Area Network allows you to segment the
switch in order to create two or more separate local area network

QoS - Quality of Service provides prioritization of network traffi c
in order to provide better network service. The primary goal of QoS
is to improve the latency of prioritized Ethernet packets required for
ring management, real-time, and other interactive applications.

Trunking - Trunking (Link Aggregation) enables multiple
physical ports to be linked together and function as one uplink to
another N-TRON trunking capable switch confi gured in the same
manner, thereby increasing the bandwidth between switches. This
confi guration can provide increased bandwidth and redundancy to
applications requiring high levels of fault tolerant operation.

Port Mirroring - This function allows the traffi c on one port to be
duplicated and sent to a designated mirror port. Port mirroring can
be used to monitor Ethernet traffi c on the designated source port
using the assigned mirror port.

Rapid Spanning Tree - This function allows the switch to be
confi gured in a Ring or Mesh topology, and provides support for
redundant path communications with high speed (rapid) healing.

Remote Monitoring Options
For ease of configuration and monitoring, the 708FX2 offers
Web Browser Management and N-View OLE for Process Control
(OPC) Server Software. The


N-View Software can be

combined with popular HMI software packages to add network traffi c
monitoring, trending, and alarming to any application
using N-TRON switches. In addition SNMP and a

COM port

interface are available for switch link and status monitoring. Alarm
Contact and Status LED can be configured to respond to power
failure on power input 1 or input 2, N-Ring Broken, Partial Break
High, Partial break Low, or if multiple Ring managers are detected.

N-Ring Technology



708FX2 Ring Manager using


's N-Ring

technology offers expanded ring size capacity, detailed fault
diagnostics, and a standard healing time of ~30ms. The 708FX2
Ring Manager periodically checks the health of the Ring via
packets. If the Ring Manager stops receiving these health check
packets, it converts the Ring to a fi ber optic backbone within
~30ms. In addition to standard Ring Manager protocol, when
using all


fully managed switches in the ring,

a detailed ring map and fault location chart will also be
provided on the Ring Manager ’s web browser and OPC
Server to identify the health status of the ring. Up to 250 fully


switches can participate in N-Ring topologies.

Industrial Packaging and Specifi cations
The 708FX2 is designed to operate in industrial environments. It
is housed in a rugged steel DIN-Rail enclosure. It has extended
industrial specifications and features to meet or exceed the
operating parameters of the connected equipment. These include
extended temperature ratings, extended shock and vibrations specs,
redundant power inputs, and high MTBF (greater than 2M hours).

Ease of Use
The 10/100BaseTX ports are auto sensing and auto configuring.
Each copper port is automatically negotiated for maximum
speed and performance by default, but can also be hard coded
using the user interface. A high speed processor allows wire speed
capability on all 100BaseTX and 100Base FX ports simultaneously.

• Six 10/100BaseTX RJ-45 Ports
• Two 100BaseFX Fiber ports, ST or SC style
• -40


C to 85


C Operating temperature

• ESD and Surge Protection Diodes on all Ports
• Auto Sensing 10/100BaseTX, Duplex, and MDIX
• Store-and-forward Technology
• Rugged DIN-Rail Enclosure
• Redundant Power Inputs (10-30 VDC)
• Confi gurable Alarm Contact
• Confi gurable Bi-Color Fault Status LED






I n d u s t r i a l E t h e r n e t S w i t c h

combines outstanding performance and ease of use. It is
ideally suited for connecting Ethernet enabled industrial
and/or security equipment and is a fully managed switch.

Fully Managed Features:

• Full SNMP and Web Browser Management
• Detailed Ring Map and Fault Location Charting
• N-Ring™ Technology with ~30ms Healing
• N-View

OPC Monitoring

• Plug-and-play IGMP Support
• 802.1Q Tag VLAN and Port VLAN
• 802.1p QoS and Port QoS
• Trunking
• Mirroring
• 802.1d, 802.1w, 802.1D RSTP

Management Features