Part one – your nighthawk co and gas alarm – Nighthawk KN-COEG-3 User Manual

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Part One – Your Nighthawk CO and Gas Alarm


Step 1. With a butane lighter, press the button of the lighter
without activating the flint. Ensure no heat source or spark is
present near you when performing this test.

Step 2. While holding the button of the lighter down, insert the
orafice of the lighter into the vents on the front of the unit. Hold
for 30-60 seconds or until alarm activates.

Step 3. After the alarm condition is achieved, remove the lighter
and gently blow in the same area to remove the gas.

How to Know If Your Alarm is Malfunctioning
Your alarm performs an internal self-diagnosis every 15 seconds to
make sure that it is functioning properly. The alarm is designed to
alert you in the unusual event of a malfunction.
If the alarm malfunctions.
In the rare event that your alarm malfunctions, it will alert you with
one of these signal groups (depending upon the type of
malfunction that occurs):
Malfunction Signal Group 1 - Component Failure

– An intermittent “chirping” alarm will sound every 30 secs., and
– An “Err” message will appear on the digital display


Malfunction Signal Group 2 - Microprocessor Failure

– The alarm will sound continuously, and
– The digital display will be blank, and
– The alarm cannot be shut off by pushing “Test/Reset” button

Unplug the alarm immediately and return for warranty exchange
(see “Warranty” on back page).

Low Battery Warning
If the 9V battery is missing, or if the battery’s power is low, an “Lb”
message will display which blink’s alternately with the current CO
reading or “GAS” every second. If this happens, you need to replace
the battery. Refer to page 1-5 for more on low battery warnings.
What to do if you’re not sure...
PLEASE familiarize yourself with the malfunction alert, and do not
confuse these signals with an alarm. After reading the information
above, if you are still unsure whether your alarm is operating prop-
erly, call the KIDDE Safety toll-free consumer hotline at 800-880-
6788 to do a quick diagnostic check of the alarm over the phone.
The customer service representative will be able to assist you and
answer your questions.

If your alarm sounder is beeping, and you are not sure if it is a CO
and Gas alarm or a malfunction alert, reset the alarm, open win-
dows for ventilation, extinguish all open flames, do not activate
any electrical switch and evacuate the premises immediately. Then
call the KIDDE Safety toll-free consumer hotline at 800-880-6788
for assistance.


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