Part six – display reading and what they mean – Nighthawk KN-COEG-3 User Manual

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Part Six – Display Reading and What They Mean

Start-up and Normal Operation Readings

Page 6-3 and 6-4 contain vital information about the various readings you may

see on your display. We suggest you keep this User’s Guide handy for reference.

Your new Nighthawk carbon monoxide and explosive Gas
alarm is a sophisticated electronic device – yet very simple to
understand. Basically, the unit will display a “0” if it does not
sense carbon monoxide or Gas and if you have a good 9V
backup battery installed.
If it senses carbon monoxide, it will display a reading in parts
per million of carbon monoxide or “GAS” if either natural Gas

or propane has been detected..
However, if the backup battery is low or missing, or if the unit
malfunctions it will display other readings (and alarm differ-
ently) to alert you that something is wrong with the alarm.
Please familiarize yourself and other family members to the
difference between a CO reading, a Gas reading and a reading
signifying a problem with the alarm itself.

Display Shows

Alarm Sound

Unit Status

Recommended Action

Brief “888”

One short “chirp”

Self checking when AC powered

None – Unit should return

(Test button was pressed or unit

to zero within a minute..

was first powered).

“Lb” flashes

One short “chirp”

Start-up or reset phase when

Install or Replace 9V battery


every 15 seconds.

AC powered and low battery

Refer to page 1-4.

with “0”.

or missing battery.

Steady “0”


Normal AC operation (sensing


and flashing dot

no CO or Gas) and with good

Steady display of

4 quick beeps,

High level of CO detected

Refer to page 4-1

high number (in the

5 seconds off,

hundreds of ppm)


and flashing dot


1/2 second

Unit has

Refer to

beep, 1/2 second

detected Gas.

page 4-2.

silence repeating

(flashes alternately)

If at any time the alarm does not perform as described, have it replaced immediately.


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