Care, Replacing the battery – NexxTech 6500542 User Manual

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Your Nexxtech 12-Digit Dual Power
Metal Top Desk Calculator is an ex-
ample of superior design and crafts-
manship. The following suggestions
will help you care for your calculator
so you can enjoy it for years.

• Keep the calculator dry. If it gets

wet, wipe it dry immediately. Liq-
uids might contain minerals that
can corrode the electronic cir-

• Use and store the calculator only

in normal temperature environ-
ments. Temperature extremes
can shorten the life of electronic
devices, damage the battery, and
distort or melt plastic parts.

• Keep the calculator away from

dust and dirt, which can cause
premature wear of parts.

• Handle the calculator gently and

carefully. Dropping it can dam-
age circuit boards and cases and
can cause the calculator to work

• Use only a fresh battery of the

required size and type. Batteries
can leak chemicals that damage
your calculator’s electronic parts.

• Wipe the calculator with a damp

cloth occasionally to keep it look-
ing new. Do not use harsh chem-

icals, cleaning solvents, or strong
detergents to clean the calcula-

Modifying or tampering with the cal-
culator’s internal components can
cause a malfunction and invalidate
the calculator’s warranty. If the calcu-
lator is not performing as it should,
take it to your local electronic store for



Although your calculator is solar pow-
ered most of the time, the supplied
back-up battery might eventually
weaken and need replacing. If the
display speed slows down in low light,
replace the 389A battery. For the best
performance and longest life, we rec-
ommend alkaline batteries.


• Keep button-cell batteries away

from children. Swallowing a but-
ton-cell battery can be fatal.

• Dispose of an old battery

promptly and properly. Do not
burn or bury it.

Caution: Use only a fresh battery of
the required size and recommended