A look at your calculator, A look at y our calculator – NexxTech 6500542 User Manual

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A Look at Your Calculator

Backspace Key — deletes the last
number entered.

Mark-Up Key — helps you easily de-
termine cost, final price, and profit

% Key — simplifies calculation of per-

Four Function Memory — lets you
add to, subtract from, recall subtotals

in, and clear all numbers from memo-

Automatic Shut-Off — conserves
battery power by automatically turn-
ing off your calculator about 8–10
minutes after the last entry.

Grand Total Key makes compli-
cated calculations easier.

Square Root Key — lets you quickly
compute the square root of a number.


A Look at Your Calculator

F 0 2 3 4 A — lets
you select how
many digits ap-
pear after the dec
mal (
see “Setting
the Number of
Decimal Places”
on Page 5).

Memory Keys —
let you save, add
to, and subtract
from numbers in
memory (see
“Memory Calcula-
tions” on Page 8).

5/4 — lets you

select how calcu-
lation results are
rounded (see
“Rounding” on
Page 5).



— lets you

change a number
to positive or nega-
tive (see “Using
the Special Func-
tion Keys” on
Page 4).

— deletes the

last digit entered
(see “Using the
Special Function
Keys” on Page 4).

GT (Grand Total)
— provides the
sum of all memo-
rized numbers
(see “Grand To-
tal” on Page 7).

MU (Mark-Up) —
lets you calc
selling prices and
profit margins
(see “Mark-Up
Calculations” on
Page 8).