Nilfisk-Advance America GD 1000 Series User Manual

Power in a quiet, lightweight design

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Commercial vacuum cleaners

Power in a quiet,
lightweight design

The GD 1000 series represents the ideal choice for commercial cleaning tasks. The best choice for daily cleaning of carpets
and hard floors in hotels, restaurants, offices, recreational facilities and building lobbies. A very low noise level allows
daytime cleaning. Apart from its powerful motor, quietness, extremely high filtration level, light weight and
manoeuvrability, handy features (such as easy-carry handle) and the unique parking solution make this an unbeatable
There are four models in the range, from the economical all-purpose GD 1005 to the powerful high, specification HDS 1005
fitted with HEPA for hygienic areas, such as hospitals.

Nilfisk GD 1000 Series