Nilfisk-Advance America CA 330 User Manual

Compact multi- purpose cleaner

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Compact multi-

purpose cleaner

Mini scrubber/dryer

Floors of all types can be thoroughly cleaned, quickly and effectively, with these cleverly designed multi-purpose cleaners.
The compact CA 240/CA 330 combine performance with all surface versatility. When low noise and manoeuvrability is
essential, the CA240/CA 330 are the right choice.
These versatile machines now make it possible to wash, mop, scrub and dry all surfaces. Cleaning of tiled, ceramic and
dimpled floors has never been easier. Non-slip and safety floors can also be cleaned, quickly and easily with high
An efficient belt drive system makes these machines ideally suited for cleaning in noise sensitive areas such as hotels,
hospitals and offices.

Nilfisk CA 240/330

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