Problem cause? solution – Numark Industries DM-950 User Manual

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Mixer does not turn on.

Disconnected Power Cord?

Connect Power Cord.

The sound level is very low.

The Turntable is not connected to a

device with a PHONO preamp.

Connect the turntable to the input

labeled PHONO, not the LINE.




The sound is on one side only.

The Trim Control is set too high.

Reduce the Trim level until the

sound is loud and clear. Then use

the Input fader to adjust the


The RCA audio cord is


The RCA audio cord is damaged.

Properly secure the RCA cable to

the mixer.

If the RCA cord is frequently

connected and disconnected, it

may have become damaged and

needs to be replaced.

The output sound is very distorted.


Static electricity and/or other external interference may cause this unit to malfunction. To reset the unit to its

normal condition, turn the power off and then on again. If the problem continues to persist, refer to the connected

component's troubleshooting guides. If the problem is not resolved after checking these items, contact the nearest

authorized Numark dealer.

The Output sound exhibits

excessive hum or buzzing.

The Turntable Grounding wires are

not connected.

Connect the Turntable Ground

wires to their respective Grounding

Lug on all equipment (mixer, etc.)

There is no sound, but everything

is connected.

The Input Selector is not switched

to the correct source.

Switch the Input Selector so that

the connected source is engaged.