NetComm NP5000 User Manual

Features & benefits, 3year warranty

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The NetComm Wireless Multi-Port Print Server saves

space, time and increases your network performance

as well. And its easy installation gets you up and

running in minutes.

Compatible with virtually all printers and major

Operating Systems – including Windows® 98, Me, NT,


, XP or Macintosh OS9.x and higher – your data-

intensive print jobs will glide through at high speed

and with maximum reliability.

The NetComm Wireless Multi-Port Print Server

supports Infrastructure Mode (using a Wireless

Access Point) and Ad-Hoc Mode (point-to-point

wireless networks) – see diagrams on back.

NetComm’s Wireless Multi-Port Print Server will

ensure that everyone on your network enjoys fast,

effortless printing, time and again.

This is real freedom! Now you can share your printer with anyone on your network – wired or wireless. You can place

your printer pretty much wherever you like. And you can rest assured it’s compatible with all the drivers and

Operating Systems on your LAN.

Features & Benefits

• Share printers on wired or wireless LAN

• Supports both stand-alone and existing wireless installation

• Windows® 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP

or Macintosh OS9.x and higher

• Supports most parallel and USB port printers

• Fully IEEE802.11b (DSSS) 2.4 G.Hz Wireless compatible

• Stand-alone – doesn't need a dedicated PC

• Works with most laser, ink jet, bubble jet, colour

and dot matrix printers

• Integrates Ethernet and Wireless connections

• High data throughput to print even graphics-rich files

• Remote Administration via the LAN

• Long Operating Range: Up to 91m indoors

and 457m outdoors

• Browser configurable

• 256Kb RAM buffer for faster graphics printing

• 512Kb flash memory for future upgrades


year warranty out of the box. Extra 2 years FREE

with online registration at

* Conditional on registration online.


Year Warranty*