Introduction (continued), Instructions – Nostalgia Electrics CFF-950 User Manual

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You can use a variety of foods, chocolates or sauces with your CHOCOLATE FONDUE
FOUNTAIN to create the flavor you desire. Depending on what you choose, you can use;

Milk Chocolate

Dark Semi Sweet Chocolate

White Chocolate


To dip strawberries, marshmallows, apple wedges, pretzels, cookies, ice cream balls,
peanut butter balls, create mini Smores, – use your imagination! Add liqueurs for
sophisticated flavors.

You can use CHEESE! And dip grapes, apples, breads, shrimp/seafood, crackers, and
pretzels – use your imagination! In order to use cheese, you just need to prepare the
cheese as you would for a regular fondue pot by diluting it with white wine and cream to
keep it liquid, enabling it to flow through the tower - though powdered
cheese can work well too.

Bar-B-Q Sauces work well too! Use your favorite Sauce and have prepared chicken cubes,
beef/steak cubes, pork cubes to dip – you choose! Keep in mind the consistency need to
be thin. Use wine, liquor or other liquids to dilute the sauce.

The CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN creates a beautiful effect for a different
presentation to any occasion, such as;

• Weddings

• Graduation Parties

• Birthdays

• Holidays

• Business Gatherings

• Casual get togethers with friends and family

And more…


The CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN is easy to use, just follow these simple

Your CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN requires little assembly. Wipe out base bowl
with a damp cloth and dry. Wash Auger and Tower in warm soapy water, rinse then dry.

After cleaning, return auger to base making sure it is securely in place by aligning the
groove on the bottom of the auger to the motor base pin. Make sure it is secured and
locked into position. Do not attempt to place auger or tower on base or remove from base
while motor is on. Make sure tower is fitted on the posts in the base properly.

First, find a stable surface near an electrical outlet before starting. Unit MUST BE LEVEL
to operate properly. (Make sure your cord is away from any water source. If needed, it is
acceptable to use an extension cord.)
THE SWITCH POSITIONS - Left is for the Motor, Right is for the Heater

Turn the switch on the right to start the heater on THE CHOCOLATE FONDUE
FOUNTAIN. Let the unit warm up for at least 3 - 5 minutes before adding melted
chocolate. While the machine is warming up…


The quickest way to prepare chocolate for the fountain is by melting the chocolate in the
microwave first. (You can add more oil after checking for thin consistency) other liquids
may be added at this time.