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The Crossfader In/Out Pushbutton defeats the

entire Crossfader function but leaves the Kill functions


10. The replaceable Crossfader achieves clean segues

between two selected input channels.

11. The Crossfader Channel Assign switches determine

which channels the crossfader will segue between.

In this example, Channel 1 is selected on the Left and

Channel 3 is selected on the Right. With the Crossfader

centered both assigned channels are live.

1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4

Use the

Crossfader for fast and seamless segues from one channel

to the next.

N o t e : the crossfader is user replaceable. Simply unscrew

the two large screws which hold it in place, lift it out, and

disconnect its cable. Reattach the new crossfader and

screw it back onto the unit - you’re back in business!

REPLACEMENT CROSSFADERS can be purchased from

your local Numark Dealer, or by calling Numark Industries.

12. The Split Cue Level controls what signal is being

monitored through your headphones. Move the slide control

to the left and you will hear your source music from the

channel(s) selected with the cue/PFL switch. Move the

control to the right and you will hear your program mix, or

output. The slide control allows fast and frequent

headphone monitoring.

13. The Headphone Level control sets the volume in your


14. The Headphone Jack accepts a 1/4” plug and is set on

the front of the unit.

15. M a s t e r L e v e l. This controls overall output level. Note

that you can select (18) whether you want stereo or mono.

16. The Zone Levels control speaker volume for other outputs

such as control booth monitors, a tape deck, another

amplifier, a sub-woofer, another mixer or a satellite speaker

system. Note that you can select (18) whether you want

stereo or mono.

CONTRACTOR'S NOTE: Zone Level provides zone

control in installations where there are two separate rooms

(eg: a bar and a dance floor). The “Zone” volume should be

controlled from the mixer not from the amplifier.

17. The Stereo/Mono Toggle Switches allow you to select

either stereo or mono output.

18. Stereo Auto Peak Hold Level Meter. The red LEDs

for +3, +5 and +8dB hold program peaks for an instant.

With peak metering, it's OK to be "in the red" as long as +5

or +8dB isn't constantly lit. Set crossover, equalizer and

power amplifier inputs to avoid distortion at each step in the

audio chain. Proper attention to the peak meters results in

the punchiest possible sound without audible distortion.


PFL Meter. When the Cue/PFL switches are depressed

this meter tracks pre-fader listen (PFL) signal for the

channel selected instead of the mixer’s output level.


12V BNC Connector allows a 12 volt gooseneck style

“Numark” light to be connected directly to the mixer.


The Power button turns the unit on and off. Make sure

your input faders (7) are turned down before you power up

your mixer.

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