Driver installation, Windows me/2000/xp/vista windows 98se – Nexstar VANTEC NST-D100SU User Manual

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6.Driver Installation

Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA

No drivers are necessary when using Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA. If the hard drive does

not appear under My Computer, be sure to partition your hard drive.

Windows 98SE


The first time you plug in the NexStar Hard Drive Dock into a USB port of your

computer, the [Add New Hardware Wizard] dialog box will appear.

2. Click on [Next]. Check the [Search for the best driver for your device] and click on [Next]


3. Insert the device driver CD into your CD-ROM drive if you have not already done so

and click on [Next], a screen should appear to show which Storage Device you installed.

Click on [Next].

4. After the needed files are copied into your system, click on [Finish].


You should now be able to see the new hard drive under My Computer. A green

Unplug or Eject hardware icon will appear in the system tray as well. If the drive does

not appear, you may need to partition your hard drive first.