NETGEAR XEPS103XEPS103 User Manual

Start here, Prepare to install your xeps103 powerline extender, Xeps103 status lights

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XEPS103 Space-Saving Powerline Network Extender

Start Here

These instructions explain how to add an XEPS103 Space-Saving Powerline Network
Extender to your existing network. To do this, you complete these two simple steps:

Connect the XEPS103 Powerline Extender to your router.

Connect one or more XE103 Wall-Plugged Ethernet Adapters to form a PowerLine

How the XEPS103 Powerline Extender Fits in Your

After you install the XEPS103 Powerline Extender and XE103 or other HomePlug-
compatible Ethernet Adapters, your network will combine these two elements:

An Ethernet portion where the devices are connected with cables.

A PowerLine portion where the devices are connected over your electrical power

The encryption of the information you send over the PowerLine helps keep it secure. This
security feature is especially relevant in settings like apartment buildings.




Ethernet Network




Ethernet Network

(always encrypted)

PowerLine Network


Prepare to Install Your XEPS103 Powerline Extender

The XEPS103 is designed for easy installation. Check that these minimum requirements
are met.

Your router uses a 12V 1A power adapter. This includes, but is not limited to, the
following Netgear router and switch models:


GS105, GS605, GS608



KWGR614, WGR614, WGT624, WGT624SC, WGTB511B

WNR834M, WNR834B

WPN824, WPNT834

If in doubt, check the label on your router’s power adapter.

Your Ethernet network is set up and an Ethernet LAN port is available on your router.

XEPS103 Status Lights

The XEPS103 Powerline Extender has status lights on the front. as described in the
following table.

Status Lights on Front Panel

Power (color green):
• Solid green when electrical power is on.
• Off when there is no electrical power.

Ethernet (color green):
• Solid on when the Ethernet port is linked but there is no activity.
• Blinks on when there is traffic on the Ethernet port.
• Off when no link is detected.

HomePlug—PowerLine network status (color blue):
• Solid on when connected to a PowerLine network.
• Blinks off when PowerLine data is being transmitted or received.
• Off when no other compatible PowerLine devices using the same

PowerLine password are found.

XEPS103 Default Settings

Use the following procedure to set up your XEPS103 Powerline Extender.



XEPS103 Device

The password for each device is printed on a label attached to
the back of the device. The password for the individual
devices is required if you want to set the PowerLine password
for all PowerLine devices in one operation.

PowerLine Password



You can change this password to prevent unauthorized access
to your PowerLine network.


a. This is the same default as the NETGEAR XE102, WGX102, XE103, and

XE104 PowerLine products.

b. You get the full bandwidth of the XEPS103 when you use it with other high-

bandwidth PowerLine devices like the XE103. Giving the units their own
password will put them on their own logical network, even though they share
the same power wires as other PowerLine devices. Refer to the user guide on
your CD for more information on configuring the PowerLine password.