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wine or cream to keep it liquid, enabling it to flow through the tower - though
powdered cheese can work well too.

Bar-B-Q Sauces work well too! Use your favorite Sauce and have prepared
chicken cubes, beef/steak cubes, pork cubes to dip – you choose! Keep in mind
the consistency need to be thin. Use wine, liquor or other liquids to dilute the

The CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN creates a beautiful effect for a different
presentation to any occasion, such as;



Graduation Parties

Business Gatherings


Casual get togethers with friends and family

And more…


The CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN is easy to use, just follow these simple

Your CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN requires little assembly. Wipe out
base bowl with a damp cloth and dry. Wash Augers and Tower in warm soapy
water, rinse then dry.

After cleaning, return augers to base making sure it is securely in place by
aligning the opening on the bottom of the augers to the motor base pin. Make
sure it is secured and locked into position. Do not attempt to place augers or
tower on base or remove from base while motor is on. Make sure tower is
fitted on the posts in the base properly.


Using the correct chocolate

Your unit will work with any chocolate. However, the best chocolate to use is
pure Belgian Chocolate, high in cocoa butter, that is formulated for chocolate
fondue fountains. This chocolate requires no oil to function and is rich and
decadent. You can purchase this type of chocolate online at any website that
sells commercial chocolate fondue fountains.

Fortunately you do not need to go far to use your new fondue fountain. Simply go
into your cupboard or local market and purchase chocolate chips used for baking


HOW TO OPERATE (Continued)

in the baking aisle of your local store. The bags come in 10 ounce and 12 ounce
sizes, and flavors such as:

Semi Sweet Chocolate*

• Milk


• White


• butterscotch

peanut butter

NOTE: Since these chips are low in cocoa butter, they need oil to make it flow
correctly. The types of oil suggested are:

• Canola


• Vegetable


Now that you have your selected chocolate, follow these instructions to

Find a stable surface near an electrical outlet before starting.

Then make sure the unit is level. It is important for the unit to

be level to create the desired flowing effect.


After plugging in the unit, make sure your unit works by testing

the motor function to see that the augers turn and that the heater

works. Once this is done. Turn both off.


Now that you are ready to begin, turn the heater knob to the

ON position.

Each side of the fondue fountain base bowl is to be filled with 3 cups of
chocolate. In a microwaveable bowl, add chocolate and 1 cup of oil.
Place in microwave for 3 minutes and stir until texture is a rich smooth texture
with no unmelted chips. If needed, microwave for 1 or 2 additional minutes to
make sure all chips are melted. IF YOU ARE USING BELGIAN CHOCOLATE,
do not add oil. Repeat above to steps to fill the OTHER SIDE OF THE BASE


Pour melted chocolate into one side of bowl at the base of

the unit. Fill just before the rim. After repeating melting

chocolate, pour into other side of bowl. Both sides should

be full.


Once chocolate is in both sides of bowl, turn the motor to the

ON Position. Watch the chocolate get pulled up and then come

down the fountain tiers. MAKE SURE UNIT IS LEVEL, by using

balancing feet on bottom.


Let the unit flow for 2 minutes. Then turn the motor OFF for 30

seconds, to eliminate any air gap possibly causing the chocolate not to

flow well. Then turn the motor back ON. If the flow is not good, add 1/8