Nady Systems TUBE RIBBON TRM-6 User Manual

Trm-6 tube ribbon microphone, User guide

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Congratulations on purchasing the Nady TRM-6 Tube Ribbon Microphone. This superior microphone is perfect for
recording studio vocals, acoustic instruments, orchestras and choral groups, ambient instrument audio, and many live
sound applications. Powerful and versatile, the TRM-6 meets the stringent requirements of even the most demanding
digital recording and live broadcasting applications.

This user guide covers the operation of the TRM-6 and the TMPS-6 power supply. To take full advantage of the superb
features of this microphone, and to enjoy long and trouble-free use, please read this user’s guide carefully.


Your TRM-6 microphone was carefully packed in the supplied aluminum flight case at the factory, and the shipping
carton was designed to protect the unit during shipping. Please retain this container in the highly unlikely event that you
ever need to return your microphone for servicing. The supplied aluminum case is highly recommended for convenient
and safe transport or permanent storage. It has a combination lock and roomy foam padded compartments for the TRM-6
and all supplied accessories. Please note: since the ribbon assembly of the TRM-6, as with all ribbon microphones, is
extremely fragile, you must verify immediately upon receipt of your microphone that it has not been damaged during
shipment and is operating correctly. The warranty on this microphone does not extend beyond an initial inspection, since
these microphones can be so easy damaged during handling and use. If the unit arrived damaged please return it imme-
diately to where you bought it. Units that are damaged in use can be returned to Nady Systems and the ribbon assembly
replaced for a fixed charge (see Service section).


TRM-6 Tube Ribbon Microphone


• TMPS-6 remote power supply with switchable 115/230VAC operation
• Power cord
• Elastic suspension shock mount
• 33 ft connecting cable with 7-pin XLR

• Aluminum flight case
• Foam windscreen
• User guide
• Warranty card


The unparalleled sound of a classic ribbon mic with the natural warmth and musicality of an internal tube preamp... sets new standards of perfor-
mance for ribbon (velocity) mics.

• Low-tension 45mm long, 2-micron thick aluminum ribbon design with typical “large, mellow” ribbon audio reproduction. Smooth, natural ex-

tended low and high ends and detailed realistic mids.

• Unique integrated 12AX7A preamp tube provides unmatched tube audio at levels higher than that of ordinary ribbon mics; allows the convenience

of use with all mixer inputs without requiring external pre-amplification.

• Versatile design, perfect for numerous applications, including vocal and instrument recording and live sound uses.
• Superior overall stunning realism with fast, accurate transient response, ultra-high dynamic range and >135 dB SPL capability.
• Utmost versatility in dialing in the desired sound by varying mic placement. Figure-8 audio directional (pickup) pattern for both front and rear

side, with extended sweet spots (compared to large diaphragm condenser mics). Can be used with a second TRM-6 for individual recording vol-
ume control of 2 separate sources by placing each source in the principal axis of one mic and the off-axis null of the other.

• Manufactured with the finest materials — a machined housing with advanced internal shockmount construction for the highest structural integrity

and rugged reliability.


The active element of your microphone is a very thin corrugated aluminum ribbon clamped under light tension and mounted between the poles of a
strong magnet. This design enables it to produce warmest, most natural sound available from any type of studio microphone. However, it also makes
this the most sensitive and fragile studio microphone available. All ribbon microphones require special care or they will be seriously damaged. In
order to ensure long life for your TRM-6 please always follow these 4 precautions:

1. Always protect your TRM-6 from any hard knocks, such as from dropping the mic, or not properly padding in shipment, as such jolts can destroy

the ribbon assembly. Always handle with complete care.

2. Prevent any sudden or strong blasts of air movement from ever reaching your microphone, as they can tear and destroy the fragile ribbon. Never

blow into your TRM-6! When using, always utilize a pop filter, such as the optional Nady MPF Series, to prevent any percussive sounds from
damaging the ribbon. Such filters also prevent damage from moisture from mouth spray.

3. Never intentionally or accidentally apply any phantom power from your mixer or a phantom power supply to your TRM-6 as it can burn up the

ribbon. Please always check carefully before connecting your ribbon mic that there is no phantom power being provided to the TRM-6.

4. When not in use, always keep the microphone in the padded aluminum case provided. Also, always store the mic in a vertical position because,

over time, the 2” long ribbons can sag, gradually degrading performance if the mic is stored on its side. Note: damaged ribbons are not covered by
warranty and there will be a charge to replace the element.