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Compact and Lightweight Design

With compact dimensions of just 128 x 40 x
150 mm (5




x 1




x 6 inches) and a light

weight of only 650 g (1 lb 7 oz) (SNT-V501)/
710 g (1 lb 9 oz) (SNT-V504), these Video
Network Stations are suitable for restricted
space or rack installation.

PCMCIA Type II Slot*

Memory card - You can increase the storage
capacity of the SNT-V501/V504 stations by
adding either a flash memory card or an ATA
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) card. IC recording media
such as a Memory Stick


media card with a

Memory Stick/PC card adaptor can also be used.

Wireless card - The SNT-V501/V504 stations are
compatible with certain IEEE 802.11b-compliant
wireless PC cards.

* Please contact your local Sony office or authorized dealer

for the memory and the wireless cards compatible with
the SNT-V501/V504.

Alarm Function

The SNT-V501/V504 are equipped with a built-in,
activity-detection function that can be set to
generate an alarm through its alarm-output
ports. In addition, with a sensor-input port that
can receive a trigger from an external sensor and
a built-in 8-MB buffer, the SNT-V501/V504
stations can store hundreds of pre-alarm and
post-alarm still images at the time an alarm is
triggered -whether from the activity-detection
function, the alarm-input port, or both. Pre-/post-
alarm images can then be transferred to an FTP

RS-232C/485 Interface

Camera control with a serial interface -
The SNT-V501/V504 stations allow control of the
Pan/Tilt/Zoom and camera settings of Sony
EVI-D100/EVI-D70 cameras, and control of the
Sony SSC-DC590 Series cameras.
Transparent function -
The SNT-V501/V504 stations have a transparent
function via the RS-232C/485 interface. External
equipment can be connected and controlled by a
PC connected to the network.

Network Security Feature

User access to video cameras via the
SNT-V501/V504 stations can be limited by IP
filtering. Up to ten different groups can be
established by defining an IP address for each
group. Additionally, user names and passwords
can be assigned to allow four levels of access.


“Tour“ Feature -
This allows the user to preset up to five scanning
patterns with up to 16 positions in each scan.
“Area setting“ Feature -
This allows the administrator to design an area
within the image to be cropped, which is
particularly useful when you wish to monitor a
specific location.
Viewing from a PDA
Images can be viewed from a PDA running
Microsoft Pocket PC



* The Jeode plug-in Ver. 1.9.1 is required for viewing images.




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