Assembly and set-up – Razor DIRT QUAD 25117460 User Manual

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Using the 6mm hexagonal

key wrench, remove bolts

from handlebar clamp.


Place handlebars in handle-

bar clamp in upright, vertical



Insert bolts and tighten

securely. When properly

tightened, the handlebars

should not move forward or


Note: The gap between

the upper clamp and lower

clamp should be equal on both

sides of handlebar.

Attaching the Handlebars


Failing to properly adjust and

tighten the bolts that affix the

handlebars can cause you to

lose control and crash.

Charging the Battery

Your electric four wheeler may not have a fully charged battery; therefore it is a good idea to charge the

battery prior to use.

• Initial charge time: 12 hours

• Run time: up to 40 minutes

• Average battery life: 250 charge/discharge cycles


Align the groove on the plug

of the charger port and plug

into the port on the Dirt Quad.

Tighten the threads to secure

the plug. The charger works

with the power switch in either

the on or off position.


Plug the charger plug into a

wall outlet.


Always disconnect your electric

four wheeler from the charger

before cleaning with liquid.

Note: If your charger does not

look like the one illustrated,

your unit has been supplied

with an alternative charger.

The specifications and charging

procedure would not change.

The charger has a small window

with one LED or two LEDs to

indicate the charge status. Refer

to the illustration on the charger

unit for the actual “charging” and

“charged” status indications for

your model charger.

Chargers have built-in over-charge

protection to prevent battery from

being over-charged.
Be sure to properly align the

groove on the charger input

port with the corresponding

socket on the Dirt Quad and

tighten threads; otherwise, no

charging action will occur.






• Recharge time:

Always remember to turn the

power switch off and recharge for at least 8 hours

after each use. When vehicle is not in regular

use, recharge battery at least once a month until

normal use is resumed. If you have left the power

switch on or your product has not been charged

for a long period of time the battery may reach a

stage at which it will no longer hold a charge.