Repair and maintenance, Assembly and set-up – Razor DIRT QUAD 25117460 User Manual

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The brake is capable of causing

the electric four wheeler

to skid the tire throwing an

unsuspecting rider. Practice

in an open area free from

obstacles until you are familiar

with the brake function. Avoid

skidding to a stop as this can

cause you to lose control or

damage the rear tire.



Check the Razor web site for any updates on the latest repair and maintenance procedures.

Turn power switch off before conducting any maintenance procedures.


Adjusting the Brake


To adjust the play, thread the

brake lever adjuster in or out

1/4 to 1/2 turn until the desired

brake adjustment is attained.

Most adjustments are complete

at this step. If brake still needs

further adjustment, proceed to

step 2 for rear brake.

Inflating the Tires

Tires are inflated when shipped, but they invariably lose some pressure between the point of

manufacturing and your purchase. Always inflate the tires to the correct PSI before first time use.

Note: The pressurized air

supplies found at gasoline

stations are designed to inflate

high-volume automobile tires.

If you decide to use such an

air supply to inflate your tires,

first make sure the pressure

gauge is working, then use very

short bursts to inflate to the

correct PSI. If you inadvertently

over-inflate the tire, release the

excess pressure immediately.

Using a bicycle-style tire pump equipped for a Schrader-type valve, inflate the front tire to the PSI indicated

on the sidewall of the tire.

Testing the Brake

To use the brake, squeeze the lever to increase the pressure on the brake. The brake lever is fitted

with a cable adjuster to compensate for cable stretch and/or to fine-tune the lever movement to brake

engagement. If brake is not engaging properly, follow instructions for adjusting the brakes outlined below.



Locate the rear brake caliper

and disk brake behind the right

rear wheel. The distance of the

brake wire between the end of

the cable and the anchor bolt

should be between 37 and 44

mm. If the rear brake has too

much slack, loosen the rear

anchor bolt with a hexagonal

wrench and pull the brake wire

tighter (direction indicated with



If the brake rotor is

dragging on the brake pads

use your fingers to twist the

caliper adjuster in either

direction until rotor is

centered between pads.


view of

disk brake



Caliper adjuster