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Owner’s Manual


Model 200 M-Block Power Amplifier

Owner’s Manual

Model 200 M-Block

Power Amplifier

Welcome to the Outlaw Family! With your purchase of a Model 200 M-Block
Amplifier you have become part of a unique, worldwide community of audio-
philes and home theater enthusiasts. With one or more Model 200 amplifiers
you have the option to add power and flexibility to your system for a wide range
of applications, such as; adding rear surround channels to a new 7.1 system,
powering passive subwoofers, enabling bi-amp speaker configurations, power-
ing multi-zone/multi-room speakers and much more.
The Model 200 is compact, yet powerful, delivering 200 watts at eight ohms
(20Hz–20KHz, >0.05%THD). Thanks to a unique circuit design and a heavy-
duty power supply with a horizontally oriented torroidal transformer, the Model
200 operates without a fan despite the deep power reserves.
Since the Model 200 will often be used in multiple unit systems, a variety of
power control options are provided. In addition to a standard power on/off
switch, the Model 200 may be operated from the external trigger control of
compatible products such as the Outlaw Model 950. Both in and out trigger
jacks are provided so that the control signal may be cascaded. For systems where
an external trigger is not available, the Model 200’s music sense circuitry is
available for automatic turn-on whenever an audio signal is present.
In order to fully enjoy the performance of your amplifier, please take a few
minutes to read this owner’s manual. It contains important information that
will help you to make certain that the amplifier is properly configured for
operation with the rest of the equipment in your system.
Once again, welcome to the Outlaw family!


High-power M-Block amplifier

Unique dual-topology circuit design

Music Sense circuitry and low voltage trigger connection for automatic


Five-way binding posts accommodate large gauge speaker cable

Fan-free convection cooling

Efficient power supply with torroidal transformer

Removable IEC power cord


The carton and packing materials used in shipping your new amplifier were
specially designed to cushion it from the shocks and vibration of shipping. We
strongly suggest that you save the carton and packing materials to use if you
move, or if the unit ever needs to be shipped back to us for any reason.
To minimize the size of the carton in storage, you may wish to flatten it by
carefully opening the top and bottom flaps and folding the carton flat. Other
cardboard inserts may be stored in the same manner. Packing materials that
cannot be collapsed should be saved along with the carton in a plastic bag.


Table of Contents

3 Model 200 M-Block Power Amplifier
4 Front Panel and Rear Panel
5 Installation and Configuration

Power Control Connections


Speaker Wire Connections

6 Model 200 Connection Diagram


Audio Signal Connections


AC Power Connection

7 Operation
8 Care and Maintenance



Troubleshooting Guide


Protection Circuitry


Fuse Replacement


Outlaw Service Information



9 A Few Words About Hum and Noise

Potential Ground Loops in a Complex A/V System

10 Specifications
11 The Outlaw Audio 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Outlaw Audio Limited Warranty

The contents of this manual are Copyright © 2003 by Outlaw Audio, LLC and may not be
duplicated or reproduced by any means, whether physical, electronic or otherwise without
prior written consent from Outlaw Audio.

Specifications are those in effect at the time of printing. Outlaw Audio reserves the right to
change specifications or designs at any time without notice or liability to modify or upgrade
units previously sold.