Ocean Kayak SCUPPER PRO 14561 User Manual

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Attach Rudder to Kayak

1. Lubricate the nylon sleeve with soapy water and insert it in the top of the rudder mount (7).
2. Place a small wooden block over the end of the sleeve (to avoid damage), and hammer it into place. The sleeve must go at
least halfway into the rudder mount. Excess sleeve can be cut off.
3. Remove the ring from the end of the pin on the rudder assembly. Pull the pin out of the rudder housing--don’t lose the white
4. Insert the pin through the nylon sleeve to attach it to the mount. Make sure to place the white washers between the rudder
housing and the kayak on both ends of the pin.
5. Replace the ring in the end of the pin once the rudder assembly is mounted.

Attach Steering Lines to Rudder

1. At the stern of the kayak, put the end of each steering line down through the top of the shoulder washer in the middle hole on
each side of the rudder steering plate.
2. Hold the rudder still with the blade centered within the housing. Pull each steering line equally tight through
the middle hole. (Which hole you use is not critical, although it will effect rudder responsiveness.)
3. Loop the steering lines through the holes and finish off as shown. By pulling the bungie tight, the
steering line can be inserted into the same hole as the bungie and no knots will be required to keep
the line in place.
4. Trim the excess line, leaving at least 3 inches below the steering plate. (You can now remove the
tape from the steering slides.)

Install Rudder Retraction Line

1. The rudder retraction line should go through the center of the rudder housing. Continue pulling the line up toward the seat and
through the loop in the hatch/gear straps along the right side of the kayak to keep the line out of the way.
2. Place the clam cleat at the rear of the seat on the right side of the kayak, as indicated by two small “v” marks in the plastic.
Make sure the cleat is facing forward (the “c” shape should face the bow). Attach the clam cleat with 2 self-tapping screws.
3. Place the standard strap eye 1 inch in front of the clam cleat, as indicated by two more small “v” marks, and secure it with the
other two self-tapping screws.
4. Run the line through the strap eye. Pull the line so there is no slack, but not so tightly that the rudder rises. Tie the line to the
strap eye.
5. The rudder can now be raised by pushing the line away from the side of the kayak (just behind the clam cleat). Insert the tight

line into the clam cleat to hold the rudder up. To lower the rudder, pull the line out of the clam cleat.