Ocean Kayak SCUPPER PRO 14561 User Manual

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Helpful Hints & Troubleshooting:

After a long car trip or a long-distance paddle, make sure all the screws are tight.
To prevent fraying in any of the lines, use a lighter to singe the ends of the lines.

What to do if...

Steering pedals are too tight (they should feel stiff):
Check the steering tracks. They should be secured to the boat tightly enough to keep them in place and not hinder the movement of the slide. If the slide does not move
easily, loosen the track screws.

Steering line will not feed through steering tubes:
Check the line for fraying and trim ends if necessary. Run line through soapy water. Straighten line if it has become tangled. Straighten tubing.

Steering pedals are not even when the rudder is straight:
Make sure pedals are in the same notch on each slide. If pedals are still not even, adjust the steering line where it meets the plate on the rudder. To move the right
pedal closer to the stern of the boat, pull the right line through the holes on the plate. To move the pedal closer to the bow, release line from the steering plate. When
adjusting lines, have someone hold the pedals in an even position while you work.

To use the rudder on your Scupper Pro:

Retracting the rudder:
Push the line away from the side of the kayak, just behind the clam cleat. Inset the line into the cleat to hold the rudder up.

Lowering the rudder:
Pull the line out of the clam cleat. Release the line and allow the rudder to fall.

Launching and landing:
The rudder should be retracted (up) when launching or landing. This will prevent the rudder from getting wedged in rocks, logs, or sand. Once you are away from shore,
release the rudder and begin steering with the pedals.

Pedal Operation:
To steer in a straight line, keep the pedals aligned with even pressure on both pedals. To turn right, press the right pedal forward. To turn left, press the left pedal

A standard one year warranty on manufacturer’s workmanship or defective parts applies. Ocean Kayak will not be responsible for any damages resulting from
inappropriate usage of the equipment or damages resulting from installation of the product by non-Ocean Kayak personnel. This warranty does not apply to commercial
application of the product.